With each superhero film, certain aspects of the film are leaked by toy sales and merchandise. This happened when Infinity War was supposed to release and it will now happen before Avengers 4 hits the theatres. This is how things are and we need to accept that fact. Marvel has been really secretive about the film so far, but it’s expected by fans that leaks would come through merch sales.

To prevent a lot of info coming in through the leaks, Marvel should at least give us the title and trailer if the film. Let’s talk about the things that we know because of the leaks that have come through images of action figures and info about the Lego sets.

We so far, have descriptions of five Lego sets:

76123 – Captain America Kit: $20, 167 pieces

76124: War Machine Vehicle: $35, 362 pieces

76125: Iron Man location set: $60, 524 pieces

76126: Avengers 4 big vehicle: $80, 832 pieces

76131: Avengers 4 location set: $100, 699 pieces

Except these, Lego images also gave us the first look at Hawkeye’s Ronin who looks almost the same as the leaked fan arts. The toy description also shows us the new Captain America suit that we have seen through leaked arts.

We also have Thor, Captain America and Rocket suits and these were also confirmed by a leaked catalogue of toy merchandise. Pepper Potts in Rescue Armour has also been teased by leaks and fan arts.

Apart from these, there’s another leaked information about Hulk which came through a similar merch leak. There’s no image for proof but it states that The Hulk won’t have one shit that we saw him wearing in the concept art. It looked like a sort of an armour that the Hulk will wear in space.

We still don’t have any proof of this but it might surface as we head closer to the film. For now, take it with a grain of salt. Many fans wanted to see Hulk bursting out of the Hulkbuster armour in Infinity War but that didn’t happen. So obviously, this merchandise reveal is not a 100% believable even though the stuff they usually feature turns out to be true.

Avengers 4 will hit the theatres on May 3.

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