Latina singer Shakira recently made headlines due to her split from longtime boyfriend, Gerard Pique. The singer also hinted that the break up of the 12-year-long relationship was due to the football player’s disloyal behavior. The singer is now caught up in a legal battle over the custody of her two kids with the FC Barcelona player, and it seems like she might not have much time left with her children.

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Shakira’s lawyers say she doesn’t owe any debt to Spanish authorities

Shakira owes millions to the Spanish tax authorities

The Spanish authorities have accused the singer of tax evasion, saying she owes 14.5 million euros to the tax office. According to the tax authorities, the singer stayed in the northern region of Spain from 2012 to 2014 but did not pay the taxes. However, the singer’s legal team claims that Shakira only moved to Spain in 2015 to live with her then-boyfriend, Gerard Pique. Moreover, the singer has already paid 17.2 million euros to the tax office, and her lawyers claim that “there has been no outstanding debt with the tax authorities for many years.”

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Shakira fails to reach a settlement in tax evasion case

Shakira fails to reach a settlement with the prosecutor

The Chataje singer is sure of her innocence, due to which her team has been working day and night to free her of the charges. However, their efforts experienced a setback since they failed to reach a settlement with the prosecutor.

The case is now all set to go to trial, which is something that might not be good for the singer. If Shakira is found guilty in the tax fraud trial, then it is highly likely that she will lose custody of her children to Gerard Pique. This will certainly not be pleasant for the singer since she is still recovering from her breakup with Pique.

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Twitter reacts to Shakira going to trial for tax evasion

Gerard Pique and Shakira
Gerard Pique and Shakira are fighting for their kids’ custody

Twitter users are busy criticizing the singer for her tax fraud allegations.

Only time will tell the trial’s outcome and its impact on the custody of the two kids that Shakira and Pique share together.

Source: Marca

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