The unkillable mutant, Wolverine is undoubtedly the most popular X-Men character to ever exist. Known for his iconic claws and berserker rage, Wolverine is not exactly an ideal superhero. However, beneath all that anger and hardened exterior lies a sensitive man who wants to do some good, in his own personal way.


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Wolverine catapulted to fame when Hugh Jackman decided to step up and play the character for 17 long years. Though Jackman did immortalize the lethal mutant on the silver screen, in the movies, Wolverine never really donned his iconic black and yellow costume.

wolverine yellowsuit case

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For long time fans of X-Men and the Wolverine, the lack of a costume was a setback in the otherwise terrifying performance of Hugh Jackman. However, the cigar-smoking brute has donned various costumes in the comics. Here are his 10 most popular costumes from the comics, ranked.

10. Blue and Gold

Wolverine Training Costume

When veteran comic book artist Jim Lee joined the Marvel roster, the entire X-Men team got a team costume. The distinctive blue and gold color paired with the unmissable belt is a classic fan favorite.

9. Brown Costume

Wolverine Brown Costume

Based on Wolverine’s instincts of rage and mayhem, the brown costume is more in tune with the mutant’s animalistic nature.

8. Fang

Wolverine Fang Costume

After defeating the alien Fang, Wolverine decided to go for a costume makeover with a necklace, bracelets, and belt made of alien fangs and tiny skulls. Badass!

7. Age of Apocalypse

Wolverine Age of Apocalypse

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Instead of going for his classic yellow and blue costume, Wolverine donned a terrifying red and black costume during the Age of Apocalypse. Also, he lacks a hand that is capped with an adamantium cover.

6. Marvel Ultimate

Wolverine Ultimates Marvel Comics

In the Marvel Ultimate storyline, the Wolverine faces off against the Hulk only to get ripped apart in half. Nonetheless, the Marvel Ultimate storyline introduced a cool and badass costume for Logan.

5. Dawn of X

House of X Wolverine

Inspired by his classic costume, the Dawn of X plotline introduces a sleek yellow and brown costume for the unkillable mutant.

4. Classic Black, Blue, and Yellow

Wolverine comic

The all-time favorite, Wolverine’s classic costume is one of his trademark in the comics, after his adamantium claws. Equipped with pronounced ears and shoulder pads, the classic costume is the inspiration behind Wolverine’s other popular costumes.

3. New Avengers

Wolverine New Avengers

In the New Avengers, Wolverine opts for a modern and elegant costume of blue and yellow. Donning the X-Men insignia on his chest, this costume accentuates his imposing physique.

2. Astonishing X-Men

205 2053844 astonishing x men wolverine

Joss Whedon’s Astonishing X-Men received critical acclaim upon its release. Along with the plotline, the memorable storyline also introduced a much popular costume of Wolverine. Designed with shorter ears, the color pattern of blue on yellow looks truly…astonishing.

1. X-Force

Wolverine X-Force Costume

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Though known for his rage and appetite for mayhem, Wolverine is also adept at stealth. As a part of X-Force, Wolverine dons his black and gray costume for numerous covert operations. The X-Force is one of the most lethal teams of assassins who believe in pre-emptive strikes to neutralize threats.

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