Wolverine supporters have been anxiously awaiting information on what would happen to the ruthless X-Men superhero next. A Welsh celebrity has opened up about meeting with Marvel executives for the legendary role.  Hugh Jackman teased his fans with what might be new Logan information.

Hugh Jackman responds to reports that he’ll be in Deadpool 3 by sharing a brand-new image. Deadpool will make his Marvel Cinematic Universe debut in Deadpool 3  Shawn Levy is the film’s director.

Is Hugh Jackman Making A Return In MCU?

Hugh Jackman Has An Offer To Return As Wolverine From Marvel
Hugh Jackman As Wolverine

Recently, there have been speculations that the actor would play Wolverine in Deadpool 3. When Jackman tweeted a picture of himself on his phone appearing astonished, the suspicions started to spread. Even though this snapshot is unremarkable and commonplace, many internet users interpreted it as a signal toward his potential return.

Even though Hugh Jackman’s portrayal of Wolverine in 2017’s Logan was as definitive a closing chapter as it was possible to be, fans still yearn for the metal-clawed hybrid to make a triumphant comeback to the big screen. This is primarily because, in contrast to 2017, Jackman now has the chance to engage with characters from the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Hugh Jackman As Wolverine

Hugh Jackman in Wolverine

The actor stirred up rumors of his Wolverine comeback earlier this year. He uploaded a photo of himself with Kevin Feige and a piece of Wolverine artwork on his Instagram story. He quickly dispelled the rumors, saying that “although playing Wolverine was the role of a lifetime, it is now a thing of the past and he is finished with it”. As mentioned in an article by Comicbook.

Based on a recent photo of Hugh Jackman, fans are still holding out hope that he will play Wolverine in Deadpool 3.

Is Wolverine Making A Return In Deadpool 3?

Deadpool and Wolverine
Hugh Jackman And Ryan Reynolds

In response to these fan speculations, the Wolverine actor tweets another image. This time, the actor is the only person in the picture, sporting a t-shirt and sweatpants while glaring at the camera with one hand on his hip. He captioned “Let’s see what rumor the look on my face starts today…”

Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman have a memorable friendly rivalry that dates back more than ten years. Ryan Reynolds used the opportunity to continue it in the Deadpool films by making jokes about his fellow X-Men actor. With this sincere conflict between them, viewers have remained optimistic that Jackman’s Wolverine and Reynolds’s Deadpool will eventually make a proper on-screen crossover.

Marvel Fans will be very excited to see Hugh Jackman back in Deadpool 3. It will be fun to watch the crossover between Deadpool and Wolverine.

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