Good news for Wolverine fans(and really, who isn’t?) – Logan is being reintroduced to the Marvel universe by prominent writer Charles Soule and artist and illustrator Steve McNiven.
The wolf will be making a comeback in the five issue Return of the Wolverine limited edition series. What is more exciting for followers of the Marvel Universe is that Wolverine will be
given a brand new set of powers in the comeback. His adamantium laced claws will now be able to heat up on command when they are out of the fists. Writer Soule justified this by stating that coming back from the dead, the character should feel as good as new. Allowing the claws to heat up is one way of making Wolverine feel fresh.


Adam Kubert’s cover of Return of Wolverine Number 1 has been released, and one can tell from the cover what to expect of the Wolverine in the series. With the comics’ penchant for exaggeration, the claws actually appear to be on fire and ripping through the dark. The representation is an ominous sign to Wolverine’s enemies of what to expect when the undead come back from the dead. While Return of Wolverine will tell us what the new powers will feel like, one can also watch out for the Hunt for Wolverine mini series and one shots to make an educated guess of the Wolverine’s new powers.


Return of Wolverine is the final part of the trilogy that included Death of Wolverine appearing in 2014 and the Hunt for Wolverine that came out just this year. The Hunt for Wolverine had
four parts. All the parts concerned themselves with finding out how Logan’s corpse disappeared from the tomb where he was buried.
If you are new to the whole saga, you might wonder how the self healing wolf with steely claws died in the first place. The Return of Wolverine really begins with the Death of Wolverine when a deadly virus coming from the microverse causes Wolverine to lose his self healing powers. This gives his enemies everywhere as well as the past a chance to try and kill him, which they try and do with glee.


It should be noted that Mister Fantastic actually offers to work on a cure that would turn the healing factor back on, but Wolverine being Wolverine refuses. While coming to terms with who he was supposed to be, he finally faces Dr.Abraham Cornelius, the founder of the Weapons X program and arguably Wolverine’s
biggest foe. When Wolverine confronts his maker in Paradise, he discovers that the supervillain is trying to replicate the experiments he first did on Wolverine. Upon discovering this, it is further revealed that Dr. Cornelius is poetically missing one ingredient – the Wolf’s healing factor. When Wolverine tells Cornelius that he no longer possesses, it enrages the
mad scientist. In the resulting confrontation, Wolverine slashes at a container full of adamantium in order to stop the experiment but gets covered in the metal.


Cornelius is fatally injured and in his dying moments implores Wolverine to reflect upon his life. With the
adamantium hardening, squeezing the life out of him, Wolverine dies content that he had done good with the time he had, before he dies of suffocation.


The rest of the comic, and most of the Hunt for Wolverine deals with the X-Men who are grieving for the loss of a member who was on more than one occasion gruff and distant.
With Wolverine’s death, Storm becomes the new leader of the X-Men. Steve Rogers and Deadpool also hunt for Wolverine’s DNA so there are no clones popping up anywhere.


The next series Hunt for Wolverine begins with the discovery that the adamantium shell in his grave had been popped open and Wolverine’s body is now missing. The X-Men enlist
Daredevil to investigate the disappearance and the various sightings that were being reported of the clawed hero. Magneto gets involved, as the X-Men strongly suspect him to
be behind the disappearance of Wolverine’s corpse. The series end with most of the X-Men, including Storm and Rogue, being taken captive by the Mindblast(who was masquerading as
Magneto), Sapphire Styx and Viper.

The plot for Wolverine series hangs truly in the balance as no one knows why or where Wolverine’s corpse really is. It is confirmed that Wolverine will make a reappearance in the final part of the trilogy, but then again we have no idea how he gained his powers or even who resurrected him. There is a small scene in the Hunt for Wolverine where Deadpool mulls on whether to use Wolverine’s DNA to resurrect him, and it might very well be that he is the one who brings him back. In that case, it will be very hard to explain why his claws are now on fire.


At any rate, fans of Wolverine are really looking forward to the final part and the supposed new powers only make it all the more exciting.

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