A superhero vs. superhero fight that ends with an indisputable victor, and lives up to the hype? Rarely do such unlikely crossovers happen. But Wolverine and Lobo’s epic battle was one such atypical event.

Epic Battles in the book

Epic Battles in the book
Hulk vs. Superman, a classic

Comic book fans have been calling for a new Marvel and DC collab. And they often envision probable crossovers and battle sagas between Marvel and DC heroes and villains. Some previous legendary matchups include – Captain America vs. Batman, Hulk vs. Superman, and Storm vs. Wonder Woman. But the one that stands out is the chronicle of a wild fight between Marvel’s Wolverine and DC’s Lobo. When Wolverine, with his claws and healing powers, clashed with the bounty hunter with superhuman strength – Lobo, surprisingly, a winner was declared.

Wolverine vs Lobo: How it happened

Wolverine Vs Lobo - How it happened
Wolverine with claws out, tackles Lobo

The 1996 four-issue miniseries DC vs. Marvel featured two of the comic’s most unkillable heroes. In the crossover’s third issue, our heroes get into a sudden brawl in Lobo’s favorite (alien) bar. Lobo already isn’t too happy finding Wolverine at the bar and looses his cool when he starts insulting it. Lobo thrusts the end of his titanium chain into Wolverine’s chest.

Things get out of hand soon, and the two scuffle – both physically and verbally. While Wolverine reminds Lobo that he is a mutant and can self heal in moments, drunk Lobo amusingly calls him a “fragging midget.” Although it is debatable how inebriated Lobo was then, Wolverine proved himself to be the better fighter here.

A possible rematch?

A possible rematch?
Fans demand more Marvel-DC crossovers

The Marvel and DC collaborations never disappoint. They are always exciting as they have weird permutations and combinations to experiment with. While most fights don’t live up to the puff, Wolverine vs. Lobo gained due attention. Even now, the fandom is full of headcanons around a rematch. And undoubtedly, somewhere, Lobo is looking at the publishers expectantly to make it happen!

Source: Screenrant

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