In the pages of Marvel Comics, the most amazing upgrade that Wolverine had, happened when Odin gifted a power-up to Wolverine that was made from the same source as Thor’s hammer, Mjolnir. As noted in Fear Itself #7, the Avengers were pushed back against a wall, as the Serpent was let loose on the Marvel Universe. In order to stop them, each hero was given a weapon made of Uru so they could face the potential universe-ending threat. As a result of this, Wolverine ended up getting one of the most amazing upgrades to enhance his already incredible mutant abilities to an unimaginable extent: Uru armor.

What Is Wolverine’s Armour Made Of?

In the Fear Itself limited series at Marvel Comics by Matt Fraction, Stuart Immonen, Wade Von Grawbadger, Laura Martin, and Chris Eliopoulos, the Serpent was freed by Sin from the depths of Mariana’s Trench and he made Red Skull’s daughter his Herald. After that, the Serpent let loose seven hammers across the whole world, due to which, the wielders became his own soldiers. The Avengers tried, with all their might to defeat the Serpent, but the villain established himself to be too powerful, even blowing out Captain America’s shield. Eventually realizing that they were in desperate need of more help, Iron Man teamed up with Odin in Asgard to produce new Uru-powered weapons as a final means to stand against the all too powerful Serpent.

Wolverine in Marvel Comics
Wolverine in Marvel Comics

In Fear Itself #7, Iron Man tells to the Earth’s Mightiest Heroes that he worked with Odin to grace some very powerful weapons made of Uru, the same material as used in Thor’s hammer. When they are activated, the weapons have a transformational property that joins them with each hero. So, Iron Man is held with the Uru-powered armor, Captain Marvel holds a massive battle-axe, and Doctor Strange is given a new staff connected to him in the same way as Thor’s hammer. The most amazing transformation is credited to Wolverine, who gets an entire set of Uru-armor, as his claws burn like the forge of Nidavellir. Wolverine shows his entire ensemble in an epic action shot in the comic.

In the battle, his powers would be used to take down the Hammer of Kuurth aka Juggernaut, striking a piercing blow that left Serpent’s warrior knocked to the ground.

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Ultimately, the Uru-powered heroes are helped by Wolverine in defeating the Serpent. After the villain is killed, the weapons were returned to Svartalfheim, where they were melted by Odin.

Wolverine might only have taken the help of his Uru armor and powers in the only battle, but what a fight it was. With this amazing upgrade, Logan was able to easily defeat one of the Serpent’s greatest warriors and also managed to look awesome in doing it. Wolverine’s Uru armor and claws are without any doubt, one of the most amazing power-ups he has ever received among the countless upgrades he has. It is pretty fascinating to imagine how much damage could have been caused by Wolverine against normal villains with the upgrade that Odin gifted him. But, alas, the upgrade was not made to be forever.

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