Peter Parker has encountered a lot of complex things in his life, be it his family, love life, or even if it is about the villains he faces. It sometimes feels that though he has some great power (and brains), he also has quite a lot of bad luck.

This makes it easy to sympathize with Peter since he has to face quite a lot of things on a regular basis. The friendly neighborhood spiderman definitely has a challenging life and here are the worst things that have happened to him:

1. Uncle Ben’s Death


The top tragedy among all that would haunt Spider-Man for every, is the murder of his uncle Ben by a criminal whom Peter decided not to stop, just a few days prior. After he lost his parents, Uncle Ben played a very important role in his life. He was a father figure to him and also his mentor who made sure Peter was always on the right path. And Spider-Man yet again lost someone who was closest to him.

Peter then went on to adopt his uncle’s “with great power comes great responsibility”. His death is also important since there is no Spider-Man without Uncle Ben gone.

2.  Gwen Stacy’s Death

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Death seems to be an impactful part of Spider-Man’s journey. But Gwen’s death hits different since it showcases his greatest failure. Gwen Stacy was kidnapped by Norman Osborn aka Green Goblin and then taken to Brooklyn Bridge. The Green Goblin then dropped her off the bridge and Spidey tried to grab her ankle with the web and the momentum snapped her neck and that killed her.

Considering Gwen’s father; Captain George Stacy who was also Spidey’s alley had died a few months back and his last words revealed that he knew Peter was Spider-Man and asked him to protect Gwen.

The battle which followed Gwen’s death had Norman accidentally kill himself.

3.  Gwen Stacy carried Norman Osborn’s children

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In the 2004’s Sins Past storyline, it was later revealed that Gwen had an affair with Norman Osborn (ugh) and she gave birth to twins. Gwen didn’t allow Norman to raise the kids so he fought back and that ended up killing Gwen.

He then raised the twins and made them believe that their father was Peter and he only killed Gwen. The twins then went on a “revenge” mode. What made this entire scenario worse was that Mary Jane knew about the affair and twins but kept it as a secret from Peter as a promise to Gwen.

4. The Time “Aunt May” Died

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Aunt May has been a part of many false deaths, but this was a traumatizing one. She suffered a stroke and after that spent time in a coma. When she came out of it, Peter spent quite a lot of time with her, she even admitted knowing Peter was Spider-Man and it was a touching scene for readers. She then went on to die, but then it was “undone”, as it turned out that the woman who died was just an actress hired by Norman Osborn.

Peter’s real Aunt May, was his prisoner for months.

5.  He Used To Be Bullied

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Peter Parker used to be a skinny kid who wore glasses. He was brilliant academically and stood out in science. And all this didn’t really make him “popular” in school. This is just how Peter was.

But after some moments, readers had a chance to see Peter discover his abilities and get back at the bullies especially the Flash Thompson. (He then became friends with Spidey).

He used to be called “Puny Parker” in school but then he went on to become the “center of attention” in his group of friends.

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