In August 2022, Warner Bros. made the decision of scrapping the much-awaited superhero movie, Batgirl. The film was reportedly in the post-production stage when the studio decided it will not be released, either theatrically or on HBO MAX. The film starred Leslie Grace in the title role of Barbara Gordon aka Batgirl, Michael Keaton as Batman, and Brendan Fraser as its main villain, Firefly.

Leslie Grace
Leslie Grace as Batgirl

Peter Safran, the new co-chairman and CEO of DC Studios alongside James Gunn, stated during a press event that it was the right choice to axe Batgirl. He further stated that the movie was “not releasable” and that the team and Warner Bros. Discovery’s president and CEO took a very brave and bold choice to cancel it since doing so would have been detrimental to DC and the people involved.

Fans Are Divided On Whether They Would Watch Batgirl Now

People were quite disappointed and enraged after hearing the news that Warner Bros. had canceled the movie with an impressive ensemble when it was almost finished. After almost a year, people are discussing whether they would watch Batgirl if it were released today on Twitter, and it appears that there are different points of view.

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Some fans expressed enthusiasm to see Batgirl on screen at last, while others have completely lost interest.

Fans Of Brendan Fraser Were Upset

Brendan Fraser
Brendan Fraser Wins Best Actor in a Leading Role for The Whale

The news had particularly upset fans of Oscar-winning actor Brendan Fraser. Fraser would have played the main antagonist, the supervillain Firefly, in the movie. The actor’s recent “Brenaissance” (Brendan Fraser’s renaissance), which has seen him become involved in numerous high-profile productions during a rise of popularity, included the casting. Fans felt that “Brenaissance” took a big hit after Batgirl got axed.

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The Directors Of Batgirl Were Shocked By The News 

Arbi and Fallah, the directors of Batgirl issued their own statement a day after the film got canceled, saying they were “saddened and shocked” by the news. They said in the statement that they can’t believe the film was shelved and that it was important for people to witness their effort. They went on to add that even though the movie was “far from finished,” they wished that viewers from all over the world would have had the chance to see and enjoy the finished product. They also wished for the day when their movie will be released.

Batgirl starring Leslie Grace was originally set to hit HBO Max at the end of 2022.

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Source: Twitter

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