With weekly episodes come weekly surprises and cliffhangers. The worst part about the latest X-Men ‘97 series is the apparent wait between each episode where fans have to dig out easter eggs and overanalyze every detail to get even a sliver of an idea about what’s going to happen in the next episode.

This week, the fifth episode titled Remember It dropped and sent fans into a frenzy. Every viewer is busy trying to find the connection between the attack and guess who can be behind such a bold action.

Is Cassandra Nova Making an Appearance in X-Men ‘97?

Cyclops and Jean Gray in X-Men ’97

If we are to go by the comic book storyline that inspired this episode of X-Men ‘97, then fans are right to believe that the iconic evil counterpart of Charles Xavier, Cassandra Nova, is behind the attack on Genosha. The mutant island faces a brutal attack by a genocidal Sentinel. But the real villain behind the atrocity has not been revealed. Nova, although seems like the most obvious answer, might not have such a direct correlation with the rebooted X-Men ‘97 series.

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X-Men '97
X-Men ’97

Supervising producer/head director Jake Castorena clarified fan theories while speaking to Inverse about the latest episode and the debate it has sparked. He said,

“I wouldn’t get my hopes up for Cassandra Nova being a huge villain in our show. But what I will say is, I don’t think people will be disappointed with our choices.”

Seems like the showrunners want fans to toil in suspense as they leave one of the most interesting mid-season cliffhangers. The time between now and the release of the next episode feels like it’s been stretched to eternity. The other possible villains behind the Genosha attack could be Apocalypse or even Mystique. Another question that has been baffling fans is how this attack will resolve since the island is the center of the overarching storyline. We might even see Cable traveling back in time to fix the issue.

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The Mystery of Cassandra Nova

Cassandra Nova
Cassandra Nova in Marvel Comics

Being such a great villain beloved by fans and feared by the heroes, it’s a mystery why Cassandra Nova has not been played out yet. Her stature in villainy is unmatched as she can do everything Xavier can but with twisted and ulterior motives. The upcoming Deadpool and Wolverine movie has also teased an appearance by Nova, who Emma Corrin reportedly plays. The trailer of the movie suggests Nova might be the central antagonist of the story, all the while ushering the X-Men into the MCU canon.

Whether we will see Nova in the animated blockbuster series X-Men ‘97 or not has not been clarified yet. However, the showrunners have expressed their love for the character and the immense possibilities she opens to tie in other storylines. From her appearance to her twisted motives, Nova will certainly be an amazing addition to the crew of villains in X-Men ‘97. There’s no doubt fans would love her too!

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