It’s a wonderful experience for people to relive the magical nostalgia of their childhood with iconic characters and shows. Moreover, they can now share those wonderful moments with their kids who will fall in love with the series just like they did. Marvel’s latest X-Men ‘97 is a deep dive into that childhood nostalgia that spawned incredible memories for many kids back in the late 1990s. The show continues today in a brand new avatar with an advanced animated presentation.

X-Men ’97 Fixes Intro Theme Mistake

Wolverine and Cyclops in X-Men ’97

Songs have a lot of power in unlocking memories in our minds. One familiar song or rhythm can instantly bring back tons of memories for us. The theme song in the opening of the X-Men ‘97 episodes is no different. On Kevin Feige’s request, the showrunners kept the intro music the same as the past one. Fans were happy with this demand since it gave a link between both the shows without completely erasing the 1997 show’s memory. The latest show continues the mutant superheroes’ adventures against various villains.

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X-Men ’97
X-Men ’97

The most iconic scene in the intro video is towards the end when the X-Men and the villains are seen running towards one another as a way of charging head-on before they collide. However, in the past show’s intro, we saw Thunderbird among the villains, rather than the heroes. This led to a lot of confusion since fans started interpreting it as a foreshadowing incident where Thunderbird eventually becomes a villain.

However, it was later reported by CBR that it was merely a matter of placing to show both factions in equal numbers. Since the heroes clearly outnumbered the villains, the latter had no chance of winning. So, the Disney+ show took it upon itself to fix this glaring error and get matters straightened out. They replaced Thunderbird and another anonymous pink character with Lady Deathstrike and Emma Frost.

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X-Men ’97 Builds on Animated Series Legacy

X-Men '97
X-Men ’97

Rather than a blatant remake or reboot, Marvel wanted to try something different with X-Men ‘97. The idea was fresh and unique, which led to the studios finally giving a green light to the production. Moreover, they had seen the kind of success good animated projects can garner, so the only question was of the storyline. Since X-Men ‘97 continues the story from the X-Men: The Animated Series, the showrunners had to map out a plan accordingly. Ex-showrunner Beau DeMayo said,

“Every design choice is actually a clue to the storylines we’re doing. Nothing is arbitrary. [The other reason was to] throw the X-Men back to a time where they’re thinking about: What part of this do I want to keep? Was it truly simpler back then, or were we just more naive?”

The mutant gang is back in action with weekly episodes released on Disney+. The voice actors from the animated show have come on board again which was also one of the requests made by Feige. The fight between mutants and humans is never-ending, enabling Marvel to create engaging storylines for the mighty X-Men.

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