Despite belonging to the same superhero troop, Wolverine and Cyclops have not always been the best of friends. Their rivalry, sometimes playful, can often turn into huge and violent arguments that affect the entire group’s morale. They don’t see eye to eye on most things and this leads to clashes that sometimes turn into more ugly fights. At the end of the day, they are half human and we all know how lady troubles can put a rift between any two men. Both Logan and Scott Summers had a crush on Jean Grey, which only added to their differences.

The Reason for the Rift Between Wolverine and Cyclops

Jean Grey, Cyclops and Wolverine in X-Men
Jean Grey, Cyclops, and Wolverine in X-Men

The issues between Wolverine and Cyclops have been translated from comics to the big screen as well. In the movies, we see Hugh Jackman’s Logan and Cyclops (played by James Marsden and Tye Sheridan) at odds. The vast expanse of comics with their alternate realities offers many explanations behind the constant quarrel between the two mutants. The most prominent one is when Jean breaks up with Cyclops and marries Logan instead.

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Moreover, they never agreed on how the X-Men should operate since they always refuted each other’s ideas and theories. The need to undermine each other is persistent throughout their decades-long relationship. However, there is one thing that Cyclops did to Wolverine which is pretty hard to forget and forgive. Given their differences in the way the team should function, the adamantium-clawed mutant was known to often go rogue whereas Cyclops demanded discipline.

Wolverine in X-Men #5
Wolverine in X-Men #5

Rather than fighting and arguing with the hot-headed hero, Cyclops takes matters into his own hands in X-Men #5. When the crew goes into a base owned by Dracula’s son Xarus, Wolverine discovers that his powers to heal have been damaged. At first, he blamed a virus that may have infected him. But soon, he finds out that Cyclops used nanites to control his healing abilities. This is how Cyclops manages to keep Wolverine in check and prevents him from going against the team’s actions. Not only does this betrayal anger Wolverine, but it also almost kills him since his foundational power lies in how swiftly he heals.

Wolverine Will Do Anything For Love

Wolverine in Marvel Comics

Between the two mutant heroes, nobody is a saint. They both have superior egos and attitudes that make it hard for the viewers to strictly pick one side. An incident in their younger years recounts Wolverine leaving Cyclops to die alone after falling off a cliff. He refuses to save him and instead chooses to swoop in and be the only man in Jean’s life. Xavier sent the two together to bond and instead, Wolverine chooses to assuage his rivalry with Cyclops.

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Logan and Scott Summers have their ups and downs for sure, along with their menacing thoughts that often put the other in harm’s way. Marvel is extremely clever in using intra-group rivalries to show a darker side to the fans’ favorite heroes. Despite being the world’s saviors on many occasions, the mutant superheroes are not without their own demons.

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