The new phase of the MCU has introduced the fans to new and diverse characters who come from different backgrounds, but a recent incident shows that some Christian groups are against the new Ms. Marvel show. Here’s why:

Twitter user TesolinJulian shared this screenshot of a group on social media. This group has over 14,000 members and is specifically against the new Ms. Marvel series because the character is not “Carol Danvers” but a “gay Muslim” instead. Here’s the description of the group:

Ms Marvel might be the biggest slap in the face for conservative Christians to date!!! Disney has decided that the face of this franchise should not be Carol Danvers but should instead be a gay Muslim. no more straight Christian characters from Marvel. those days are over. please join us as we let Disney know that we will not BE CANCELLED!!!

Kamala Khan Ms Marvel
Kamala Khan in Ms. Marvel

Ms. Marvel is being bombarded with bad reviews on IMDb

Marvel Studios’ Ms. Marvel
Marvel Studios’ Ms. Marvel

As of now, the show has an average rating of 6.5 out of 10 stars on the website but is facing severe review bombing with 1-star reviews like “Disney is off the mark. Please stop bowing to the woke mob and make something genuine. Focus on your fans, not social issues. It is a shame that Disney is distorting yet another franchise.”

Fans quickly reacted to these groups

Ms. Marvel
Ms. Marvel

It also appears that they are not aware of the fact that Ms. Marvel and Captain Marvel are two different characters. Plus the show clearly indicates that Kamala Khan looks up to Carol Danvers.

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The hate that the show is receiving is completely unnecessary

Source: Marvel Studios
Source: Marvel Studios

Even in 2022, it’s really hard for certain people to grasp the fact that someone other than a white cisgender Christian male is getting representation. Also just because a pride shirt appeared in the show doesn’t mean she’s automatically gay. The character is still not confirmed to be gay. Fans quickly left positive reviews and as of now, more people praised the show than the ones who left negative ratings.

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The first episode of Ms. Marvel is now out on Disney+ and new episodes come out each week on Wednesday.

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