As much fun as Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman had while filming Deadpool & Wolverine, fans are hoping that the movie is twice as good and does not disappoint. With the fate of the Marvel Cinematic Universe in the balance, Deadpool & Wolverine hold the key to unlocking a brighter future or let it all go downhill.

The promotional interviews and teasers of the movie show great potential as the two lead characters travel the multiverse and save the world. We’re yet to see which other heroes from Marvel make a surprise appearance in the film.

Ryan Reynolds Compliments Deadpool and Wolverine Co-star Emma Corrin

Deadpool and Wolverine fighting
Deadpool & Wolverine | via Marvel Entertainment YouTube

Along with Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman, another A-list actor to headline Deadpool & Wolverine is Emma Corrin. Known for their incredible work in The Crown, Corrin will be seen as the mighty antagonist of the movie, the one Deadpool & Wolverine team up to defeat. Though the trailers haven’t shown much of their role in the movie, fans have guessed that they play Cassandra Nova, an evil person with powers similar to Charles Xavier.

In a recent feature by Harper’s Bazaar, Reynolds and Jackman spoke about their experience working with Corrin. It was their first foray into the burgeoning superhero universe and they were able to effortlessly blend themselves into the theme of the same. On top of calling Corrin one of the greatest partners in the Deadpool sandbox, Reynolds said about Corrin,

It felt like working with a skin-covered Swiss Army knife. Emma brought a Gene Wilder energy to Deadpool & Wolverine. Mischief, danger, unpredictability—from their first scene onward, we understand the villain enough to know why she’s motivated to oppose our heroes. And that’s because Emma is so f****** excellent at humanizing even the most chaotic lines. The only thing we love more than hating a villain is loving one. And we love Emma’s Cassandra Nova from the jump.

Deadpool & Wolverine
Deadpool & Wolverine all set to release in July | Marvel Studios

Feels like Corrin already has Reynolds’ stamp of approval as fans are more excited than ever to see the chemistry between the three actors onscreen. Corrin’s vivid versatility and the ability to mold themselves into diverse characters is inspiring, to say the least. If Deadpool & Wolverine breaks the box office, it will certainly open many more doors of opportunities for the actor. The movie is set to premiere on July 26.

How did Emma Corrin land the role of Princess Diana in The Crown?

Emma Corrin
Emma Corrin as Princess Diana in The Crown

In the same interview, Corrin shares the most serendipitous incident that led to them getting the role of a lifetime. Being a revered person, Princess Diana was a complex character to portray. From her shy smiles to her confident walks into the event, the royal family member lived a life of media attention. Corrin was not even auditioning for the role but rather helping with chemistry readings for the auditions being held for the character Camilla.

Corrin took the time to learn the mannerisms of Diana and embrace a style she uniquely embodied. At that time, the makers of The Crown were not even on the lookout for Diana but then they spotted Corrin and her ability to make her shyness draw you in. They had an air of innocent mysteriousness around them that further propelled them in the right direction.

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