You season 3 Stupidly created Its Own Worst Plot-Hole:

You on Netflix
You on Netflix

Despite many interesting stories, You season 3 also inadvertently produced its own worst plothole, which even the titular Joe Goldberg couldn’t cure. Joe Goldberg (Penn Badgley) and Love Quinn (Victoria Pedretti) are striving to restore their lives and trust in the picturesque Californian neighbourhood of Madre Linda in season three of You. Although the finale of You season 3 received considerable critical praise upon its initial release, Joe’s never-ending cycle of obsessed fixation on a new “you” creates a new set of story holes for the series to deal with. Natalie Engler (Michaela McManus), Joe’s first love, is shockingly killed off early in the You season 3 screenplay in order to introduce bookish beauty Marienne Bellamy (Tati Gabrielle). Love leads Natalie to the location of her new bakery after discovering Joe’s box of Natalie’s effects before remorselessly hacking her down with a fire axe. This murder sparks a hopeless hunt for Natalie, which is fueled by her distraught husband Matthew (Underworld’s Scott Speedman), who eventually exploits his position as CEO of a software business to get surveillance video on the whole town.

By Introducing Tech-Savvy Matt Engler In The Series:

A Still Of Scott Speedman As Matthew Engler From The Series You
A Still Of Scott Speedman As Matthew Engler From The Series You

Season 3, on the other hand, creates its own worst plothole by bringing in tech-savvy Matt Engler. Matthew’s enormous array of camera footage means there’s a very low chance he won’t catch one of Love and Joe’s multiple crimes and murders on tape. Furthermore, by introducing an obsessive security genius with nearly unlimited resources to surveil Love and Joe, season 3 begs a massive suspension of disbelief as to how Matthew does not find out more about his wife’s death. Matthew Engler is presented as a wealthy tech CEO and estranged father and spouse in one of Joe’s monologues. In You season 3, only one of these assertions holds true for the character, as Matthew is revealed to be a loyal spouse hell-bent on finding Natalie’s killer. Matt is shown buying a huge number of servers, which he uses to store all of Madre Linda’s surveillance footage, as well as video from private networks and devices across the neighbourhood. While it is very unlawful, Matthew perseveres in sifting through this massive quantity of film with the assistance of his colleague in order to unearth proof that clearly links to Natalie’s demise.

Circumstances surrounding the introduction of Matt Engler:

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However, introducing a motivated, compulsive, and technologically savvy character puts a wrench in season 3’s narrative options. Joe and Love commit so many crimes in public, from transporting dead bodies to Joe upping the ante from season 2 and stabbing a guy to death in public. As a consequence, it is exceedingly improbable that Matthew’s video network would have missed at least one of these horrible deeds. Love also disposes of her front door camera after receiving advice from Matthew’s son, Theo (Dylan Arnold), who claims his father has access to the town’s private gadgets as well as the aforementioned camera video. This jeopardizes the narrative of You season 3, since Matthew could have accessed Joe and Love’s baby monitor at any time and seen Cary (Travis Van Winkle) and Sherry Conrad (Shalita Grant) imprisoned in the cage under the bakery. Matthew’s stated technological skill would also have alerted him that Tesla camera footage can be seen via a number of cloud-based programs, making his decision not to check on the Tesla itself odd. Despite delivering an otherwise intriguingly sharp sociological commentary on modern-day relationships, Matthew’s odd presence as a tech CEO (when he could have been anything else) means You season 3 requires fans to willfully ignore Matthew’s odd presence as a tech CEO (when he could have been anything else). Accepting the narrative’s faults in order for Joe to magically escape the metaphorical noose once more.

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