Of the numerous developments to come out of the arrival of Young Justice, the one that will get the greatest response from longtime fans is what happens for Superboy and Miss Martian. Everyone’s favourite couple is getting hitched!

Well… perhaps. Superboy does pop the question in “Princes All,” the Season 3 debut of Young Justice: Outsiders, just before Conner Kent leaves for Markovia with Nightwing’s black operations unit, however, it stays to be seen whether the big day really happens.

The moment that will have social-media life going wild happens in the couple’s home in Happy Harbor. Superboy and Miss Martian are sitting at a morning meal table having a psychic discussion, with Kon-El having mixed sentiments in regards to what extent Superman has been off in space. The discussion reveals that Season 3 happens two years after the events of Season 2, with the Justice League having split into two groups – one team secures Earth while the other combats dangers out in the universe.

Superboy is beginning to feel a burden to venture up in the Man of Steel’s nonattendance, and he gets his chance when Nightwing recruits him for a mission to take out a metahuman dealing syndicate in Markovia. Miss Martian, who is currently the Young Justice pioneer, needs to be a supportive sweetheart, however, part of her desires he declined to help fill the void after Robin (Tim Drake), Spoiler and Arrowette quit the Team following Batman and Green Arrow’s resignations from the Justice League.

To prove that Miss Martian can generally depend on him, Superboy gets down on one knee, hauls out an engagement ring, he’s carried around for a month and asks M’Gann to marry him. Obviously, she energetically says yes, and they seal the moment with a kiss.

When asked by producer Greg Weisman what prompted the pivotal turning point, he guided fans to a Young Justice Outsiders prequel comic solely on DC Universe, including Superboy and Miss Martian going up against the mystic villain Psimon.

For the time being, we need to keep a watch out on how Conner and M’Gann’s companions respond to the news, and if their new relationship status influences their work on missions. We’re likewise going to cross our fingers and hope we get the enormous wedding before Young Justice: Outsiders finishes up – short any impedance from their adversaries, obviously.

“We’ve got a comic that comes out January 2-3 that’s in-canon to the show and tells a story about Superboy and Miss Martian, and takes place between Season 2 and Season 3,” Weisman told CBR. “So if fans are interested in that progression and how we got to that Episode 1 proposal, they’ll probably want to take a look at that comic and read that story.”

“We’ve taken these characters a long way since they first met in Episode 2 of Season 1, and they’ve still got a long way to go,” he added. “It just felt right to show them living together and proposing in the first episode.”

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