Not long after the launch of DC Universe, the streaming service granted the wish of many when Young Justice returned for new episodes in more than five years. Season three, dubbed as Young Justice: Outsiders was well received initially on its debut but has since faced a downfall.

Young Justice Is Coming Back With Season 3!

Young Justice (DC)
Young Justice (DC)

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We are a few months away from the Young Justice’ return, but for now the people behind the show may sit back and relax. Producer on the show Greg Weisman recently revealed that most episodes of Young Justice have finished production.

DC has been rotating new series, starting with Titans season one before Young Justice premieres. Doom Patrol is also showing new episodes every week and will soon wind up its first season.

The new episodes will feature the heroes trying to take on a human trafficking ring backed by the Light. But they will have to deal with some infiltration as someone compromises their ranks.

Young Jutsice: Outsiders: Timeline

Season 3 of Young Justice is coming soon!
Season 3 of Young Justice is coming soon!

The series aired on Cartoon Network originally from 2010 to 2013. The initial two seasons made full use of the five year jump in time, and Outisders will pick up three years post the events of the second season. While talking to, producer on series Brandon Vietti explained the reason behind the plot decisions made by the studio.

“We do have those discussions, as we’re crafting the beats of the stories. And there are some big events that we can sort of rely on for ‘the big fans in the room’ will get, but we’re also okay if a new fan in the room doesn’t get it,” Vietti said.

Source: Comicbook, Twitter

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