The new Young Sheldon season 5 teaser reveals the reason behind Sheldon’s hate of engineers:

A Still From Young Sheldon Season 5
Season 5 of Young Sheldon will reveal the infamous feud between Sheldon Cooper and the Engineers

The new Young Sheldon season 5 trailer explains why Sheldon (Jim Parsons) despises engineers like Howard (Simon Helberg). In The Big Bang Theory, Sheldon is recognized as being the textbook definition of a genius. Fully aware of this, he never misses an opportunity to assert his intellectual superiority over others, even his buddies, despite their own achievements. Sheldon, in particular, often mocks Howard since he is an engineer without a PhD. All of Sheldon’s male pals in The Big Bang Theory have doctorates and specialize in the study of physics, making it simple for Sheldon to single out Howard. Despite the fact that he was the only member of the Pasadena gang to be taken to space after developing the Wolowitz Zero-Gravity Waste Disposal System, which was installed on the International Space Station, he received no credit. Howard also designed the telescope used on the same space station, as well as satellite and space probe components. Sheldon’s jabs at Howard may be devastating at times, and the two have fought on several occasions during The Big Bang Theory. To retain the peace in their group, Howard learned to just scoff at Sheldon’s statements over time.

Young Sheldon season 5, episode 7, “An Introduction to Engineering and a Glob of Hair Gel,” featured Howard’s voice:

A Still Of Howard Who is about to voice in young sheldon season 5
A Still Of Howard Who is about to voice in young sheldon season 5 episode 7

Howard’s voice may now be heard in Young Sheldon season 5, episode 7, “An Introduction to Engineering and a Glob of Hair Gel.” The scene reveals why Sheldon despises engineers so much. Before the episode aired, the show’s current new ad explained the young character’s distaste for the issue, which appears to be due to Sheldon’s struggles in an engineering class in college. Watch the TV promo clip below:


Sheldon enrolls in a new engineering class in the all-new Young Sheldon trailer:

A Still Of Yong Sheldon Cooper From season 5, episode 7
Season 5, episode 7 of the Yong Sheldon will unfold the reason of sheldon’s hatred for engineers

Sheldon enrolls in a new engineering class, as shown in the new Young Sheldon trailer. While he is frequently ecstatic about his schoolwork, the video shows him growing progressively irritated because he can’t figure it out. This is the first time the character in Young Sheldon has genuinely struggled with academics, something Missy (Raegan Revord) plainly enjoys. It will be fascinating to see what emerges from this unusual narrative thread. Viewers may hope that Sheldon learns a life lesson or two during this period, but it has already been established that he eventually develops a life-long loathing of engineering, which he takes out on his pal in The Big Bang Theory. Howard also appears in the voice over in Young Sheldon, season 5, episode 7, as Sheldon prepares to discuss his college experience. While The Big Bang Theory concluded in 2019, the show is still very popular, so hearing the characters quarrel in the spin-off is a real pleasure for viewers. What’s intriguing here is that Sheldon appears to have requested Howard to participate in this narrative despite knowing it would disclose his one academic failing. It’s very possible that Sheldon lied later in life, making it appear as though he aced the engineering course, only to reveal later that it was tough for him.

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