Shazam is going to be an unorthodox DC movie. This is because this is not your regular BATMAN or SUPERMAN movie. This is one of the stories of one of the less popular superhero- SHAZAM.! When the shooting began in February, we saw a lot of photos from behind the scene. And as soon as the pictures came online, fans started thrashing the costume designer.

Well, what the fan didn’t understand is that the costume was without the CGI effect so the couldn’t say much. Take a look at behind the scenes of Iron Man, and you will see that his suit looked even worse. However, Zachary Levi came live on Instagram and answered fans questions and answers. Here is what happened when asked about the suit.

“Why the crap suit?,” one fan asked. “Well I don’t think it’s a crap suit,” Levi replied. “I think my suit is f*cking bomb, to be perfectly honest. I know there hasn’t been an officially released photo yet but there have been incredibly high quality photos that have been released.”

“I think any of you people out there who are still hung up on what the suit looks like are just wanting to be angry for angry sake. I think you’re very insecure, you’re probably dealing with some stuff in your own life and you feel a little powerless and I’m sorry that you do.”

Well, the age of social media has definitely produced a lot of critics. People don’t think for a minute and start criticizing whatever comes up. And that’s what happened with Shazam. The fans were also irritated by the fact that they wanted to see Dwayne Johnson as Shazam. For us, at Animated Times however, Zachary Levi makes a fairly good Shazam. However, I just found out one of this comment on his response.

“I think he projected quite a bit of his own insecurities onto people who hate the suit. I’m married, my wife and I are expecting our first child, and I think that costume looks like a walking pu**y. I don’t think it’s necessary that someone’s life sucks just because they expect something more from professional costume design than looking like high end cosplay or Halloween costumes,” a fan said.

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