Zack Snyder has been making news amongst his faithful DC fans by giving them lots of reasons to get excited. He had a vision for how he wanted Justice League to turn out. Zack Sydner has been giving hints on how his version would have been. He gave the world our best glimpse yet of Snyder’s version of Darkseid!


Zack Snyder releases image of Darkseid

In June, Justice League director Zack Snyder had published a picture of Darkseid. Nevertheless, the bad guy was rather small because of the image. Recently, Snyder posted a brand-new close-up view of Darkseid. It gives followers their most explicit appearance yet at Darkseid.

Hints of Darkseid’s appearance

Zack Snyder releases image of Darkseid
Picture Credits: The Mary Sue

The photo, which Snyder uploaded on social media system Vero, showed up on Reddit. The image, which remains in black-and-white, doesn’t look finished.  It refers to the character by his birth name, Uxas. The title conveys that it’s a younger version of the villain.


Vero: New Uxas Image from DC_Cinematic


After a struggling manufacturing procedure, Snyder left Justice League after a household misfortune. Additionally, Supervisor Joss Whedon was hired for total reshoots that offered the movie a lighter tone. However, reports of a Snyder cut of the film began acquiring traction online. Several people entailed with manufacturing, including Snyder himself, have discussed the Snyder cut. It is allegedly much more by the director’s initial vision for the film.


Justice League sequel

Justice League had made an unsatisfactory performance at the box office with the amount garnered. It was, however, met with mixed critiques. Yet, Snyder’s aborted follow up to the film, Justice League 2, was initially intended to be launched this year. By all accounts, Darkseid would undoubtedly play a significant part in that film. Especially after being very first presented in Justice League. 

Watch the trailer for the first Justice League here:


Source: Cbr, Comicbook


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