Big music platforms like Spotify changed how we listen to music. Now, physical albums aren’t as big on the charts. Instead, the number of times people stream an album on Spotify (that too on its first day) matters a lot.

Spotify (Credits: Spotify Newsroom)
Spotify (Credits: Spotify Newsroom)

New artists usually have a hard time getting noticed, but famous ones can get tons of streams. That’s what happened with the case of Harry Styles, who released his debut album in 2022. So, how did Zayn Malik’s new album Room Under the Stairs fare upon its release? Not quite as well in comparison to his former bandmate.

Zayn Malik’s Debut Album Trails Behind Harry Styles’

A still from Stardust - a song from Zayn Malik's album, Under the Stairs
A still from Stardust – a song from Zayn Malik’s album, Room Under the Stairs (Credits: Republic Record)

Zayn Malik‘s fans were excited for his new album Room Under the Stairs, his fourth one. On its first day on Spotify, it got around 3,993,858 streams, which is pretty good. But compared to his old bandmate Harry Styles, who broke records with his debut, Zayn’s numbers were lower.

In 2022, Styles dropped his first ever album Harry’s House. People loved its lively vibe and catchy songs. It soared high, with a whopping 97.6 million streams on its first day on Spotify’s Global Chart. That made Harry’s House the fifth most streamed debut album ever on the platform.

Malik and Styles have different musical styles. Zayn’s music leans towards R&B and soul, while Styles goes for a pop-rock vibe. Because of this, they attract different types of listeners. While Harrah might have more fans on streaming sites, the Night Changes star still has a loyal group of fans who love his music.

Zayn Malik Gets Personal in New Album Room Under the Stairs

Room Under the Stairs is a deeply personal look at Zayn Malik’s life. It was written while he was spending a lot of time alone at his home in Pennsylvania, dealing with tough emotions (reported by Rolling Stone).

The music is mostly acoustic, with just guitars and vocals, putting the 31-year-old’s singing and lyrics in the spotlight. Some songs, like How It Feels and Shoot at Will, show the singer at his most vulnerable phase as he sings about loneliness and sadness.

Zayn Malik's new album artwork (Photo: Instagram @zayn)
Zayn Malik’s new album artwork (Credits: Instagram/@zayn)

While some tracks aren’t quite finished, others are clear standouts. Grateful finds Zayn feeling relieved about letting go of the past, and Fuchsia Sea has powerful vocals.

The album also has some surprises. Something in the Water hints at the pop star’s R&B background, and The Time has a bit of a country feel. Birds on a Cloud is a beautiful song where he pleads for happiness.

Room Under the Stairs might not be perfect, but it’s honest and shows the Bradford native for who he really is. It’s his first album where he not only sings but also writes and produces the music himself. There are some bumps along the way, but the raw feelings and Zayn’s growth as an artist are clear. Fans will be excited to see what he does next.

Room Under the Stairs is available to stream on Spotify!

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