If there is a couple who is widely popular for their wholesome relationship and being a perfect embodiment of the saying friends to lovers then Zendaya and Tom Holland are the ones. Regarded as one of the most adored couples in the entertainment industry currently, the duo first appeared together in 2017’s superhero movie Spider-Man: Homecoming, and their chemistry left the audience impressed in and out. 

Zendaya and Tom Holland
Zendaya and Tom Holland met while making Spider-Man trilogy

The duo likes to keep their relationship private but have occasionally gushed and spoken about each other in their respective interviews. Their sweet tributes to each other on birthdays and movie and series releases cannot go unnoticed by the audience. There have been rumors about the two of them talking about taking their relationship to the next level, and now an insider has some scoop.

Zendaya and Tom Holland are ‘grateful for each other’

Zendaya and Tom Holland, who met while making the Spider-Man trilogy, like to keep their relationship as private as they can. When Holland was asked about the pictures of them in the car kissing going viral back in 2021 during his interview with GQ, he said,

“One of the downsides of our fame is that privacy isn’t really in our control anymore, and a moment that you think is between two people who love each other very much is now a moment that is shared with the entire world. I’ve always been really adamant to keep my private life private because I share so much of it with the world anyway. We sort of felt robbed of our privacy.”

Zendaya and Tom Holland
Zendaya and Tom Holland are very private about their relationship

The actress plays a recovering drug addict teenager on HBO’s Euphoria and spoke to Entertainment Tonight in 2023, mentioning that she is glad for Holland’s support. She added,

“I think it’s great to have that support and love around you, because you need that. This isn’t an easy job, so it’s good to have that to free you up from it every now and then.”

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It was reported that the actor had supported the actress through the whole season, as the theme of the show is quite heavy and draining. On a rare occasion, Holland, while speaking on Wondery’s SmartLess podcast, admitted that he feels lucky that he has someone like Zendaya in his life, adding that it’s interesting to be in a romantic relationship with someone who is in the same boat.

Zendaya and Tom Holland thinking about taking the next step? 

Recent reports by Life & Style have suggested that the couple are now talking about marriage, and it seems like the Spider-Man actor is ready to put a ring on it. The source mentioned,

“They’ve been dating for a long time—years in fact—and moved in together not too long ago. They have a solid relationship, and Tom would like to make things official.”

Zendaya and Tom Holland
Zendaya and Tom Holland are reportedly talking about marriage while focusing on their work

But the actor has to wait a little because, reportedly, the actress might not be there yet. The actress, who is currently busy promoting her movie Challengers, is in no rush to settle down and wants to take her time. The insider mentioned,

“They’re both so young. They have their whole lives ahead of them, and right now, she’d rather focus on her career. Zendaya isn’t saying no; she’s saying, let’s wait.”

In his conversation with THR, Holland mentioned that their relationship is something both of them are incredibly protective of and want to keep as private as they can. He added that they do not think that they owe it to anyone, noting that it’s their thing, which has nothing to do with their careers.

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It was recently reported that the two of them have moved in together, with an insider stating that moving in together seemed like the natural step for them. They mentioned that there is no doubt that the two of them feel that they are each other’s people.

Challengers is now available in cinemas.

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