Romance and crime are two genres that are rarely put together. But when they do, there are explosions all around. Over the years, there have been some really out and out films in the Romantic Crime genre that has made it noteworthy in the world of Hollywood. Its Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, but with a little more romance.


There is a unique combination of violence and romance that is rare in movies. Usually movies that try to go this route, end up being just another dark comedy. But to keep the balance, and actually produce a movie that is worthy of being noted in this genre is rare indeed.

Here are 10 movies that are categorized as Crime Romance movies, and why they are so awesome:

  1. True Romance


This 1993 crime romance follows Clarence and Alabama on an unexpected journey. Clarence, played by Christian Slater, falls in love with call girl – Patricia Arquette’s Alabama; they marry, then kill a man, and flee – somewhat unknowingly, with a bag of cocaine. What follows is an adventure with drug dealings, shootouts, and the couple fleeing to Mexico with the money from the busted drug deal.

Written by: Quentin Tarantino

Directed by: Tony Scott

  1. Kiss Kiss Bang Bang


The 2005 movie is a mix of Hollywood, murder and good ole PI work. Harry, played by Robert Downey Jr. gets invited to a party; where everyone thinks he is an aspiring actor, but in reality is a thief. He meets his crush and aspiring actress – Harmony, and a PI – Perry; and somehow they all get sucked into a murder mystery involving a retired actor, his daughters and some unsuspecting poor souls.

Written & Directed by: Shane Black

  1. Baby Driver


This 2017 movie finds a crew of professional robbers; who as it turns out are quite good, and quite dependent on their driver – Baby. Baby, played by Ansel Elgort, gets an equal pay cut because as it turns out, he is quite good at his job. Soon into the movie, he falls in love with a pretty waitress at a diner; and after a botched heist job, the crew he was working with turns on Baby; leading him and his waitress girlfriend to go on the run.

Written & Directed by: Edgar Wright

  1. Bonnie and Clyde


Based on real life characters, the movie follows Bonnie – played by Faye Dunaway, a bored waitress falling in love with Warren Beatty’s Clyde – an ex conman. Together they go on an adventure of crime through the country; robbing banks, stealing cars, and crazily being in love throughout. They go on to become the notoriously famous couple for their crimes; both in the movie and in real life.

Written by: David Newman and Robert Benton

Directed by: Arthur Penn

  1. The Town


Doug, Jem, Dez and Gloansy – career criminals and lifelong friends, rob a bank; where Doug meets (while she is their hostage) Claire– the bank manager. He proceeds to fall in love with her; and Claire, not knowing that Doug is one of her assailants during the bank robbery, falls for him as well. After finding out the truth, Claire cooperates with the FBI; and in their next big heist, Jem, Dez and Gloansy all die; leaving Doug to flee to Florida and living the quiet life.

Screenplay based on: Prince of Thieves by Chuck Hogan

Directed by: Ben Affleck

  1. Pulp Fiction


This 1994 movie has three different, but simultaneous stories going on with two hitmen, a boxer, the wife of a mobster and a small time criminal couple. As the movie goes, we see how their lives are intertwined in some way or another. The movie is a mix of neo-noir, black comedy and romantic crime; and is unique in its own way with how the movie plays out on the screen. It is till date, regarded as Tarantino’s masterpiece in moviemaking.

Written & Directed by: Quentin Tarantino

  1. Thelma & Louise


This 1991 movie might not be what one would expect in the romantic crime genre; but let’s be honest, it is one, isn’t it? Susan Sarandon’s Thelma and Geena Davis’ Louise are two best friends, who decide to go on a road trip; and somehow end up committing a bunch of crimes on the way. And when the end comes and real life tries to catch up with them; the two women decide to drive off a cliff in their car, holding hands after a kiss.

Written by: Callie Khouri

Directed by: Ridley Scott

  1. Wild At Heart


A young couple from North Carolina – Lula and Sailor – played by Laure Dern and Nicholas Cage are separated by Sailor getting convicted for a murder. After getting released from prison, Sailor decide to go on the run with Lula; where they are followed by her mother and the goons she hired to kill Sailor. While on the run, Sailor again gets arrested again because of a robbery, and is sent to prison, during which Lula gives birth to their child.

Screenplay based on: Wild at Heart by Barry Gifford

Directed by: David Lynch

  1. The Tourist


Elise, played by Angelina Jolie goes to Venice, where her lover Alexander Pearce asked her to meet him. On the way, she meets a community college teacher – Johnny Depp’s Frank on the train; and somehow the police as well as the mobsters who are looking for Pearce, think Frank is him and has changed his appearance with surgery. Elise tells everyone time and time again that Frank is not Pearce. But at the end it turns out he was it all along, when he opens a vault with the code known only to Pearce; and leaves with Elise and the money before anyone can catch up to it.

Screenplay based on: Anthony Zimmer by Jérôme Salle

Directed by: Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck

  1. Buffalo ‘66


This 1998 movie stars Vincent Gallo and Christina Ricci; where Gallo’s character – Billy Brown, kidnaps a tap dancer – Ricci’s Layla, to pretend to be his wife in front of his parents. Layla during her time with the Brown family finds how dysfunctional they are; where Billy’s own mother is more interested in a game more than her son. After a lot of mayhem, Billy finally realizes that his life of crime is unwarranted as he has finally found someone who truly loves him in Layla.

Written & Directed by: Vincent Gallo

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