The most loved and well-known MCU movie of all time has been Captain America: Civil War. The film featured several easter eggs; however, only a few were noticed by viewers. To know about all the easter eggs, viewers might have to rewatch the movie to find the other easter eggs. However, fans seem to love doing the same. Let us look at the ten likely easter eggs that fans might have given a miss.

1. The Key Code

The key code was a mix of words and numbers
A still from Winter Soldier

The code first appeared during the entry to the Siberian facility that held the Winter Soldier. The code entered seemed to 7826; however, there is a possibility that letters were also included in the key code. The likely letters included were ‘Stan’ that point out to Stan Lee.

2. Monkey Sketch

Monkey Sketch was found behind Captain America's chair
A still of Captain America

A sketch of a dancing monkey was found behind the chair Captain America’s chair. The question here remains how the drawing was able to stay for so long.

3. Similar Treatment to The Sokovia Accords

Sokovia Accords follows same rules as in Avengers Comics
A still from Sokovia Accords

It is mandatory while staying in the Sokovia Accords to get approval from the United Nations to go anywhere. A similar situation was experienced in the Avengers Comics when they got back their US Security Clearance.

4. The Soviet Super – Soldiers

The Winter Soldiers seems similar to the Soviet Super Soldiers
A still of the Serum used in Winter Soldiers

The serum stolen from Howard Stark was used for making five more Winter Soldiers. The newly formed soldiers seem to take inspiration from the comics Soviet Super Soldiers.

5. The Inside Joke

Tony finds Aunt May to be attractive
A glimpse of Aunt May

In the introduction of Peter Parker and Aunt May, Tony finds the Aunt to be pretty attractive. He says it is difficult to believe that she is someone’s aunt. Fans feel that there is a similarity to the real world online discussion of Marisa Tomei’s being cast as Aunt May.

6. Spider – Man’s Sense Gone Off Air

Spider Man learning his spider-sense skills
The Spider-Man

It has been depicted in the middle of Captain America: Civil War how Peter is trying to learn using his spider-sense. However, in Far From Home, he is seen doing something similar.

7. Spider- Man’s Observation

Spider-Man knew about Captain America's shield
The fight

During a fight with Captain America, Spider-Man stated that his shield does not comply with the law of physics. Spider-Man made a comment when the protection cut through his web. The statement was due to Spider-Man’s scientific knowledge, which fans might have missed.

8. Different Ways of Killing by Winter Soldier

Bucky killed Tony's parents in two different ways
A still of Tony with his parents

Winter Soldier killed Tony’s parents using separate hands. Initially, he killed Howard with his metal hand. Later, after placing Howard behind the car, he killed Maria Stark with his human hand.

9. Captain America knew the truth?

 Captain America knew that Bucky killed Tony's parents
The Handsome Captain America

Captain America knew that Bucky was the person who was responsible for killing Tony’s parents. He knew about this truth from Arnim Zola in Winter Soldier. However, he regretted not telling about this, Tony.

10. The Final Fight Tradition

 Bucky follows the tradition of using Cap's shield
A glimpse of Bucky with his shield

In every fight shown in Captain America, Bucky is seen using Cap’s shield every time. A few instances which clearly state this includes: First Avenger to save Hydra Soldier, Winter Soldier, and in Civil War.


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