The most prominent feature of Spiderman is his mastery over shooting webs like a super spider. But, the major question that lies is –  How did Spider-man attain his webbing skills?

As per the comic wisdom, Spiderman had those web-shooters which enabled him to hurl webs like a pro. However, this is precisely not the case ever since the inception of Spider-man.

The Conventional Version of Web-Shooters in Spiderman series

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In the old accepted version of Spiderman, Peter Parker used fluid webs. He developed the webs and enclosed it in the web-shooters. The creation of it enabled him to fire and spin intricate web networks. Parker made alterations in it according to his needs and problems.

Although at times, he ran out of the fluid in the cartridges, or the shooter got damaged or lost.

However, this hindrance used to leave him helpless and unable to spin the webs. Though firing webs from the cartridges was indeed a conventional turn in the Spider-verse. But, in the 2000s, the trend changed the face of Spiderman movies.

The Supernatural turn in the Spiderman films

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In the Amazing Spider-man, the director, Michael Straczynski, gave this movie more of a supernatural fling rather than a scientific twist. The plot of the film talks about how Peter Parker meets a guy named Ezekiel. And that guy explained how Parker became spider-man. And he further asserted that it was the spider bite that made him spider-man and not the radioactive nature of that spider.

However, later Peter had a one on one fight with his enemy “The Queen.” The Queen veered him into a giant Man-spider hybrid, which eventually perished at the end and Parker died. However, he had a rebirth and gained all of his Spidey powers, senses, and the ability to shoot webs naturally. With this, Peter Parker entered into the supernatural verse of Spider-man.

The Ultimate Spider Stingers

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The Spiderman crossover called “The Other” appeared in 2005. This talked about how Spiderman had to have frequent blackouts and dizziness in the beginning.

However, he realized that he was succumbing to death slowly. That very time, Spidey’s long lost enemy Morlun came back to fight Spider-man. However, in horrible combat between the two Morlun murdered Spider-man.

After Peter reached the hospital, Morlun attacked his body to feast on him. But Peter’s wife, Mary Jane Watson, came for his rescue. But in a wrist tussle between Mary and Morlun, he broke her wrist.

In-between the fight, Peter came back to life. And fought back Morlun and killed him with his newly gained Spider-Stingers.

Peter died after a few seconds of the second counterattack. An entirely new organism creeped out of Parker’s body and stayed inside a cocoon. And this cocoon contained the premature self of Spider-man, which will get a rebirth.

During his captivity inside that cocoon, his senses confronted a creature like a spider. He gave him an option to either accept his inner spider-powers & get a rebirth. Or deny his real nature & get perished. Peter was reborn and got back all his Spidey powers along with some new boosts.

Explanation of the disappearance of Spiderman’s Organic webs

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As per the Marvel enthusiasts, it never came to front why the Organic webs vanished? And the web-shooters took its place. However, incomplete information had been given during the release of the Spider island storyline.

In this story, the entire New York City possessed the power of Spider-man. Carlie Cooper, who was Peter’s then-girlfriend, also retained the power of spider-man. However, she ran out of her organic webs and asked for Peter’s help. Peter helped her to restore the webs. He told her to eat Starchier and drink gallons of fluid which helped to regain the Webs.

But, after a long period of time, Peter lost his powers. This showed Peter didn’t keep up with his Starchier diet, and his organic web-shooter became dormant.

With time Peter started to exalt his webs and further upgraded the functionality of the shooter. He added features like rebounding web-spinners, voice commands, etc. It made this version of spidey more scientific rather than supernatural.

The Sam Raimi’s Version of Spider-World

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The Spiderman went through many supernatural as well as scientific variations. But, when Sam Raimi’s Spider-man appeared in theatres, it changed the map of the spider-verse.

He changed the webbing structure of the new Spiderman. He explained that Spiderman obtained all the distinct powers through that spider bite. And his spider webbing and spinning came through that bite as well.

However, to attract the first time comic readers, Marvel provided their Spider-man the organic webbing. But it failed to clearly explain the retrieval of the organic webs to the films.  

The Reincarnation of Spidey’s Organic Webbing


With the due course of time, the web-shooters came up on the silver screen. This only got possible due to the release of The Amazing Spider-man in 2012.

However, with time, MCU reintroduced the Spiderman series with the Spiderman: Homecoming. Marvel Studios decided to bring back the organic webbing with the high-tech web-shooters in the movie. This medley of networks eventually tempted the MCU fans.

And it gave a new direction to the Spiderman franchise. Even after these revivals, spider-man still uses his popular web-shooters to fight. It has now become unusual to see spider-man use his organic webs. Gone are those days fellas!


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