The Marvel Cinematic Universe has become a huge and powerful franchise and with almost more than two dozen films and still counting, there is a lot to watch in the cinemas, on Netflix and now on Disney+.
The Marvel Cinematic Universe has been around since 2008’s debut of Iron Man and while the franchise has plenty of fans and there’s still plenty of minute details most of us have not noticed before.
And there are very handful people who decide to share the details online. Here is a list of MCU’s most unknown details that fans have pointed out online.

1. Peter Parker And Ned’s Handshake Actually Pays Homage To The Avengers

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When most of us saw this scene, none of us would have paid such close attention to the details behind the handshake. This one blew our minds off!

2. Steve Had Said That He Would Fight Alone But Did Not Think He Would Have To And He Was Right.

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Steve Rogers at the beginning had said that he would fight alone but he knew that wouldn’t happen and as a true leader, he did trust his friends and allies to fight with him and stick together.

3. Captain America And Bucky’s Masks Mirror One Another

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As true friends they are, even their masks compliment each others. It certainly is a lovely symmetry.

3. If You Watch Keenly, The Infinity Stones Are Revealed In The Background Of “Guardians Of The Galaxy”

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Death, Entropy, Infinity and Eternity had their likenesses portrayed on the walls of Temple Vault on Morag.  Eternity is all of space, Infinity is all of time, Entropy is the process of decay, and Death is death. And these cosmic entities were involved in creating the Infinity Stones.

4. Steve Rogers Had Bucky By His Side In The Beginning And Again At The End

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Steve Rogers always supported Bucky and defended him even when Tony wanted to kill him; he went against Iron Man just to protect Bucky.

5. Black Widow And Gamora’s Lives Were Extremely Similar Than What All Of Us Noticed 
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They were taken away from their families, became assassins, got a family in form of their friends and were sacrificed.

6. Loki Had Stopped Claiming Asgard After Frigga’s Death

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Frigga was the one who believed Loki and always backed him up and her death affected both Thor and Loki deeply. And Loki stopped connecting himself with Asgard.

7. Steve Wears Converse In The 21st Century Because They Are The Only Thing Familiar To Him

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He was froze for years and when he came back, everything was changed and he probably just recognised converse.

8. Loki’s Nature Changes The Moment He Learnt The Truth Of His Origin

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It was probably the vengeance of all these years which came out for the treatment and leaving him out.

9. Tony Stark Improvised Peter’s Suit From His Mistakes

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Tony Stark makes sure his mistakes are never repeated.

10. This Conversation Which Popped Up In “The Avengers” Connects When Hulk Undoes Thanos’ Snap.

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It is fascinating how Marvel connected the events from The Avengers to Endgame.

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