Knull is the newly introduced God of the Symbiotes. This mans he is the one that created Venom. He is an all-powerful and almighty entity who has recently awoken from his deep slumber and his goal is to take over the entire universe, turning it into his dark abyss of a kingdom once again.

Older Than the Universe

knull time

Knull belongs to a time that existed before time. Back when there was no light and the cradle of the universe was a dark empty soup of chaos and devastation reigned supreme, Knull presided over all matters. Knull may be older than any God in the Marvel Comic Book Universe. He predates all the stars, galaxies, and black holes of the universe. Some might even go so far as to say that Knull is more ancient than the Celestials themselves. He is a being who has gained strength and wisdom through experience and age.

Is the Nexus of the Symbiote Hive Mind

knull nexus

Knull can control the Symbiotes as well as see and feel through their senses. The symbiotes are connected to each other by virtue of a telepathic hive mind. At the center of the Hive Mind lies Knull, who controls each and every symbiote servant with a mere thought. Since he is the divine creator of the symbiotes and master of their hive mind, he can control all of them even when he is trapped and sealed. The Symbiotes that end up getting controlled by Knull will have their eyes replaced with red spirals. As a result of a connection with their God, many symbiotes will gain newer, more powerful abilities.

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Killed a Celestial

knull celestials

As the Celestials came forward to create the Universe with the Light of Creation, Knull felt threatened. He needed to protect his land from being encroached. So in desperation, he created the All-Black Sword. The weapon was otherwise known as the dreaded Necro-Sword, a weapon that can kill even Gods.In a fit of rage, Knull swung the All-Black once and it decapitated a Celestial. That is no easy feat and is a testament to Knull’s power. The Necro-Sword was then used by Knull to wage a war against a race of alien Gods and was later found by Gorr who became Gorr the God-Butcher.

Created the Symbiotes to Fight Creation

knull symbiotes creation

Knull ruled the cradle of chaos. It was a dark abyss of primordial darkness that predated space and time. When the Celestials came and brought forth with them the Light, Knull believed it to be an act of war on his ‘Kingdom’. He decapitated a Celestial and as punishment, was banished to the Void. Little did the Celestials know that Knull draws his power from the Void. There he created his army of symbiote parasites. These creations will spread across the cosmos and possess hosts. Knull would be able to control them and see the universe through their eyes. It was the perfect plan until the Symbiotes decided they would rather rebel than serve such an immoral master.

Enslaved the Silver Surfer

knull surfer

At one point of time, Knull’s War against the Light brought him face to face with the Silver Surfer. Back then the Silver Surfer had freed him-self from servitude, having served Galactus and scouted planets for his master to devour since forever. The Silver Surfer had been sent back in time and there he was caught in the crossfire between Knull and the forces of the Light of Creation. Knull captured him and by injecting a symbiote into his body, infected him.The Silver Surfer became his slave. The Silver Surfer escaped only after Ego the Living Planet managed to free him of Knull’s control. After a brief fight with Knull, the Surfer almost killed him and managed to escape to his own timeline.

Connections to Norse Mythology

knull norse

Knull’s reign of terror reached ancient Earth when two of his symbiote dragons, one in red and one in black, arrived on the blue planet. The two Dragons were named as Grendel and Grendel’s Mother. In Norse Mythology, Grendel is a being made out of pure evil that can change form. It’s true form is that of a deformed creature that is skinny and massive. It was the symbiote Dragons that created the legend of Grendel and later helped shape Norse Mythology.

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Imprisoned in a Living Planet

knull planet

After Thor encountered Grendel, he used Mjolnir to summon a massive lightning surge. The lightning was directed straight at Grendel. The pain and agony from being hit by the lightning was felt by all the symbiotes scattered all across the universe because of their connected Hive Mind. Many of the symbiotes had their psychic link to Knull severed. For the first time, the symbiote servants became sentient. After being exposed to concepts like honor and nobility due to the memories of their previous hosts, the symbiotes realized the error of their ways. As a way to repent for their crimes, they created a living planet made out of their own bodies called Klyntar. In the symbiote language, Klyntar means Prison. The ever shifting prison was a labyrinth Knull could ever escape from.

The Sym-Soldier Program

knull sym

The Grendel that arrived on Earth during ancient times was killed and its remains buried deep within the Earth’s surface. It still had some potent abilities locked within its carcass. When SHIELD found the remains of the Grendel, they tried to use the symbiote dragon’s remain to create smaller symbiote progenies in an attempt to create super soldiers. This project was termed the Sym-Soldier Program. Since Knull shared a direct telepathic link with Grendel, every time a soldier was injected with Grendel’s symbiote remains, he or she would be driven insane by Knull, who would try to assert his control over the hosts.

Can Create Living Weapons

knull living weapons

All of the weapons that Knull create are sentient. They can think and act by them-selves. The All-Black Necro-Sword chooses its own host. The symbiotes are living parasite weapons that possess other lesser beings and turn them into powerful warriors for Knull to pilot remotely. Even the armor he created in his fight against the Celestials was sentient, able to augment his strength and listen to his each and every command.

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Carnage resurrected him

knull carnage

When Knull created the symbiotes, he put trace amounts of the Dark Abyss that existed before creation into each of his creations. Called the Codex, each codex would be unique and be passed down from one symbiote generation to another. Carnage intended to use a Codex connection to establish a direct link between him and Knull. The original intention was to increase his power levels. He hunted down Scorn and absorbed her Codex. Knull then slowly used Carnage to gather up enough codices to free him-self, turning the entire symbiote planet into an army of Grendels, resuming his War on Creation.

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