By Morbius and other Sony names receiving extended stops, will Venom 2 be the next property from the workshop to get a release date arrangement?

Another One Unintentionally Delayed!

Morbius has now been delayed to March 19, 2021, and that could have a knock-on effect on the studio.

Due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, Sony studios have paused the superficial releases of several of their traits, but this gives Sony the first to clear its season slate. Sony declared it is driving back the announcement dates for a few major movies, including the likes of Morbius. Starring Jared Leto as the nominal living monster, Morbius was assumed to be the next approach in Sony’s Marvel Universe. Initially introduced for a July 31, 2020 release date, Morbius has now been postponed to March 19, 2021. 

A Release Date Never Made Official!

The likelihood of Venom 2’s delay can also be chalked up to factors beyond ones connected to Morbius.

Sony also had intentions to première Venom 2 this year with Morbius. Well, an announcement date was never confirmed. It’s hard to assume that Venom 2 will kick off cinemas on October 2, 2020, which Sony has staked as an excuse for an “Untitled Sony/Marvel Sequel.” Moving a little room for it to be anything other than the series to 2018’s Venom, mainly because the Tom Hardy film has already begun production. At this time, it seems confirmed that Venom 2 will be held as well. Unlike Venom 2, Morbius had previously started its marketing operations, which indicates that it sticks to its original July 2020 release date.

Dilemmas Around The Coronavirus!

There are still a number of uncertainties around the coronavirus.

On the peak of that, there are still several ambiguities around the coronavirus outbreak and how deep the current impact will go on. It makes sense for Sony to move films from Summer release periods, but the scene for October is even more confusing, so there’s no need for major decisions as yet. Though it hasn’t penciled in a unique launch date again, a pause for Venom 2 is nearly certain after Morbius was driven back.

Now lets look at the video of Origin of Venom!

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