There are a plethora of fantastic trilogies in film, whether it’s Christopher Nolan’s version of the caped crusader, ’80s sci-fi adventures, or Peter Jackson’s fantasy epics. At the same time, there are trilogies that have been destroyed by more sequels or a very poor third instalment. While many sequels to films like Pirates of the Caribbean continue to be created, there are some amazing concepts that have only two terrific films under their belts and then go dormant. These are the series that badly needs to become a trilogy, thanks to characters that are so wonderful that they need to be returned and other storylines that might be further explored. So we at Animated Times thought why not let fans know what these series are that need to become a trilogy. Sounds fascinating? If yes, then let’s hop onto the list and find out what these movies are.

10. Blade Runner:


Even though it was not regarded as a masterpiece when it was first released, Blade Runner remains one of Ridley Scott’s finest films. Denis Villeneuve pushed the franchise on a new path with Blade Runner 2049, despite the fact that it was a solo film for a long time and there were no expectations from fans for a sequel. He widened the cosmos in ways that no one could have predicted. The sci-fi epic even hinted at a sequel many times in the film, but given its dismal box office performance, like its predecessor, a potential third film is still up in the air.

9. Anchorman:


Ron Burgundy, probably Will Ferrell’s finest character, became instantly legendary and hugely quotable. There was no intention of making a sequel, but owing to overwhelming public demand, the character reappeared nine years later in Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues. The fact that the series was set in a different time period and had Burgundy and company comically attempting to comprehend the notion of 24-hour news kept it relevant over a decade later. To complete the series, a sequel set in the 1990s is asked to be created. Every ten years, a new Anchorman film should be released, with Ron and his co-anchors fighting a new danger in business. It will never get old.

8. The Incredibles:


Brad Bird has stated that he would only produce a sequel to The Incredibles if he had a concept for a narrative that was as good as, if not better than, the original film. That finally occurred in 2018, when the Pixar superhero film outperformed the original in virtually every aspect. There are a number of ideas that might make the third picture the finest in the trilogy, but given that the previous sequel took 14 years to arrive, it’ll be a while before fans see another episode, if it occurs at all.

7. It:


Though he generated a slew of amusing memes, Bill Skarsgärd’s Pennywise was both innovative and scary, and while the series was satisfyingly wrapped up in It: Chapter 2, there were a slew of elements from the novel that weren’t adapted for the movies. The things that didn’t make it may have been absolutely absurd, such as Pennywise transforming into famous movie monsters and his arch-nemesis being a turtle named Maturin, but it’d be amazing to see it produced. If Peter Jackson can make three films out of one book with The Hobbit, then the same can be done with It, which is a big novel.

6. Jump Street:


The end credits of 22 Jump Street, which is one of the reasons why the sequel is perhaps better, illustrate what the series would be like if they kept creating bi-annual Jump Street movies, much as they joked about the duo being incognito in medical school in 23 Jump Street. Though it was plainly mocking the series’ flaws, since the sequel was essentially the same as the first film, only set in college rather than high school, it would have been fantastic to watch the two trying to track down drug traffickers while clumsily doing surgery.

5. Monsters Inc.


Monsters, Inc. is a fantastic animated feature, and it could not be better as a stand-alone film. Monsters University, the sequel, is actually a prologue. While it’s a pleasant sequel, it compromises a lot of the series’ heart for more laughs, and it lacks the original’s punch. Because Monsters University’s predecessor had such a dramatic and mysterious finale, Monsters University was a wasted opportunity that left fans unsatisfied despite being a prequel. The series may rectify that mistake with a third film, reuniting Sully and Boo, which is ultimately what fans want to see.

4. The Raid:


The Assault is one of the finest, if not the best, action movies of the 2010s, following a gang of police officers as they raid a high-rise building held by a crime lord, and it’s packed with spectacular stunts and martial arts. The 2014 sequel is much better, since it expands on the universe that the original created, with massive, planned jail riots, uzi-wielding bikers, and around ten times the number of knives that the original had. Fans have been pleading for a third film for years, and it would form an excellent trilogy.

3. Hustler/Color Of Money:


Few people realize that Martin Scorsese’s Color of Money, which follows a couple of hustlers in a pool scene, is a sequel to the 1961 film The Hustler. There was a 25-year gap between Hustler and Color of Money, so the time since Color of Money’s publication isn’t an issue. The film might centre on Vincent, played by Tom Cruise, 30 years later, in the same way that The Color of Money focused on Paul Newman’s character, Eddie, 25 years after The Hustler was released.

2. National Treasure:


National Treasure is a lesser version of the Indiana Jones series, but it is still a lot of fun. It stars Nicolas Cage as Nicolas Cage and Jon Voight as Jon Voight in a crazy journey full of riddles and nonsensical yet thrilling set pieces. Cage and his crew stole the Declaration of Independence in the first film, and they physically broke into the White House in the second. The patriotic series has only grown in popularity at the box office, and fans have been speculating about a third film for years.

1. Kill Bill:


Since the premiere of the second Kill Bill film, there has been speculation about a third. Even though the second film concluded with the Bride successfully killing Bill, it may seem utterly random to produce a third film, but Tarantino has a lot of options for where he might take the plot. Before the commencement of the first film, The Bride had a lengthy history of being an assassin, and she had irritated a lot of people who might have sought revenge on her, much like she did.

So yeah, these are the 10 Fantastic Two-Movie Series That Deserve a Trilogy. Well, these movies are some of the best movies there have been in each genre, and despite the fact that they are just a two-movie-series, these movies should have a third part, making them a good trilogy film. So what do you guys think about this? Do let us know in the comments area below. Until then, keep reading Animated Times for in-depth coverage of the entertainment industry, upcoming films, and other issues. in addition to TV series, celebrity news, and much more.

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