“Sometimes The Only Way To Stay Sane Is To Go A Little Crazy”- Harley Quinn.

Created by Paul Dini and Bruce Timm Harley Quinn was introduced to comics a new supervillain and the interest of Joker. She made her appearance in The Batman Adventures issue #12 on September 1993. Once upon a time when Harley was just a normal psychiatrist she went by the name Doctor Harleen Quinzel and due to that she landed-up in Arkham Asylum where she was treating Gotham’s dangerous psychopath villain joker. Whom she fell in love with and thus Harley Quinn was born. As she become Joker’s partner in crime and long-time lover. Harley Quinn made her first live action film appearance by Suicide Squad where she was portrayed by Robbie Margot .With Harley’s contagiously and mischievous personality her wardrobe continuously evolved making her a natural choice for cosplay. So we can say that from harlequin’s classic black, white, and red bodysuit with jester cowl, to the outfit Margot Robbie worn in the movie there have been so many costumes to choose from. And today Animated Times have collected the 10 best harlequin cosplays and have ranked them accordingly.

#10 Cosplay By Ryoko-Demon:

harley quinn by ryoko demon d9fhdul

#9 Cospaly By Kayla Erin:

harley quinn by itskaylaerin dboa23d fullview

#8 Cosplay By Fra Gatsu:

harley quinn by fragatsu

#7 The Batman: Arkham Asylum Harley:

harley quinn wip cosplay by drjekyllmrhyde d2hpu0j

#6 Arkham Knight Harley:

harley quinn by black kota d85hdfu

#5 The New 52 Harley Quinn:

harley quinn suicide squad new 52 by fioresofen d6cjlzy

#4  Arkham City Harley:

oh my where s my bazooka by shermie cosplay d6nt79d fullview

#3 Injustice Game Harley Quinn:

harley quinn by marymagika

#2 Cosplay By Kinpatsu:

harley quinn suicide squad by kinpatsu cosplay dc2qu75 fullview

#1 Deadpool Harley:

harley quinn cosplay based on my drawing by jamietyndall d5ed1t0



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