While Marvel has been very descriptive with most of their stories, there are some major elements that we missed on the big screen. Marvel may or may not explore them in the future through flashbacks, but here’s a list of the events that we would love to have witnessed:

Early Days of Odin

Thor with Stormbreaker Loki in the throne and young Odin

We’ve seen how Odin fought the Frost Giants on Earth. We’ve seen events as early as King Bor taking on Malekith and the Dark Elves. But what we’ve not seen is the early adventures of Odin in his younger days. Hela only hinted at those days by showing us a couple of murals. What we would like to see is Odin Borson in his prime, conquering the 9 realms before even signing the peace treaties. We want to see him unleash the Odinforce. Down the road, we’d love to see a Disney+ series with a younger Odin.

Thanos – Titan Falls

thanos titan
Image: Marvel

Thanos only gave us a glimpse of what Titan used to be. A faction of Earth’s Eternals, which was led by his father, A’lars had set up a colony on Titan. We’d love to see how that settlement prospered. We want to witness Titan’s early days. And most importantly, we’d like to see a young Thanos with his true wisdom & struggle. Maybe the arrival of Starfox in an Eternals sequel could show us those moments through flashbacks. He could also show us how Titan fell.

3 Decades of Captain Marvel


Captain Marvel went along with the Skrulls to help them find refuge in 1995. But it seems that Talos & his group ultimately found Earth to be their new home. But, what of Captain Marvel? She was absent for almost 28 years including Endgame’s 5-year time jump. It is implied that she was helping out other planets & people. But surely, she would’ve met some other characters like the Guardians 3000, and had another encounter with the Kree. We need to see it all, or at least the important bits of those events.

Janet in the Quantum Realm

janet quantum realm

Janet Van Dyne was trapped in the Quantum Realm for 30 years. Clearly, she gained healing abilities from her time in there. But how did she really survive? She was seen wearing new clothes. She talked about civilizations being present within the Quantum Realm. Maybe she lived in the Quantum Realm city that was hidden in plain sight. Now that Kang will appear in Ant-Man 3, we’re certain that this Quantum Realm city was Kang’s Chronopolis. Her time in the Quantum Realm is too important and it needs to be explored on screen. So, maybe we’ll see what she did in Chronopolis in the sequel to Ant-Man and the Wasp.

Wakanda Opens Up

wakanda black panther

T’Challa opened up Wakanda for the rest of the world. It clearly didn’t lead to a Starbucks, or the Olympics taking place over there. So how did Wakanda really open up? The country was still hidden from the world in Avengers: Infinity War. But it opened up by sharing its technology with the rest of the world.

Tony’s Nano-tech Discovery

mark 50 iron man

In Captain America: Civil War, Tony only had a nano-tech gauntlet. But how did he come up with nano particles and design a whole suit out of it? How did he build the RT Node that stored 5 suits worth of armory in it? Well, the answer to this question lies in the MCU canon book, The Wakanda Files. It revealed that a science exchange took place between Shuri and Stark Industries. That’s how Tony fully unlocked the key to nano particles. The Mark 50 was his greatest armor. We should’ve got a glimpse of him designing it at least, don’t you think?

The Secret Avengers

Infinity War promo art Black Widow Captain America Falcon

We’d see what happened to Black Widow after the Avengers broke up, and before Iron Man 2 in Budapest soon enough. What we won’t get to see is the covert missions that Cap, Nat, Sam and Wanda led after the solo Black Widow movie. We probably won’t get to see how the Secret Avengers were on the run and still fighting the good fight.

5 Year Time Jump

avengers endgame hulk

A whole lot happened in the 5 years between Infinity War and Endgame. Tony and Pepper got married. Tony possibly came up with 34 more suits besides Mark 85. Banner and Hulk merged. Then Smart Hulk became a beloved superhero. Hawkeye became an assassin. The Asgardians took refuge in Tønsberg, Norway. We never truly got to see the immediate aftermath of Thanos’ snap, but only what happened when the dust settled. How did the world cope up for 5 years? Did a few new heroes emerge? What happened in Wakanda? Who was the new King? Maybe the future projects will show at least some of these events.

Xandar’s Destruction


Thanos destroyed Xandar to get the Power Stone. In Avengers: Infinity War, he just showed up with the Power Stone. Xandar was made out to be a very important location in Guardians of the Galaxy. But we never even got a glimpse of how Thanos defeated the Nova Corps. Maybe we’d get to see that in a future Nova movie.

Spider-Man’s Origins

spider man tony the wakanda files

In The Wakanda Files, there was a segment called “Tony Stark Personal Log,” which revealed that Tony actually spotted Spidey on YouTube. We’ve seen how Peter Parker ran a Spider-Man YouTube channel. This is where Peter dressed up as Spider-Man, and revealed how he got superhuman strength after being bitten by a radioactive spider. If the MCU isn’t going to show us the true origins of Spider-Man, then they should at least bring this YouTube video into play in Spider-Man 3. Maybe, the YouTube channel of Spider-Man could be traced back to Peter somehow. We’ll see soon enough.

There are several other MCU events which haven’t been witnessed on screen. We’ll come up with a list of 10 more if you like this article. Cheers!




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