Over the years there has been a continuous fight among fans of both DC and Marvel Universe upon either who has the best superhero or who has the best supervillain. Though DC may have won with some of its superheroes but Marvel takes the cake of Supervillains. There has always been a conflict between fans of both the universe, which leads to the despises of one fan’s affection with other. These battles have been there since ages and have only reached new heights, like for instance Star Wars vs. Star Trek, Goku vs. Vegeta, and now Marvel V.S. DC have always been there. This conflict has particularly been on the basis of how successful the movies have been on the Box Office leaving behind the main tool of comparison i.e. The Comic Books. Fans have at times been fighting among Superheroes and their performance forgetting about the villains of the movie. Villains also play an important role in the movies and what a better way to use them against one’s enemies as memes on the internet. So down below are some memes that definitely prove that the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s villains have won the fight against The DC villains.

10 Everyone Hates Suicide Squad:

Guardians Of The Galaxy Suicide Squad

9 Every Thing Isn’t Accurate:

Doomsday Meme

8 Marvel’s Villains Leave A Mark:

Marvel Villains

7 Loki’s Fangirls:

Loki Darth Vader The Joker 1

6 What We Wanted V.S. What We Got:

Jared Leto Joker

5 Oh Lex….

Lex Luthor Helmut Zemo

4 Loki… In General:

Tom Hiddleston Meme e1522688807791

3 Ultron’s Love For Metal:

Ultron Metal Meme

2 Gamora Vs. Harley Quinn:

Harley Quinn And Gamora

1 The Fanboys Are Coming:

Lex Luthor Marvel Versus DC


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