Shows that we don’t watch in the TV anymore have been a source of entertainment since the days of when we did watch them in television. Times have changed, but our love for shows have not!


When you have ample free time, or want some distraction from your mundane life, shows are a great way to spend your time. Especially if you’re one to binge watch! Then you can complete seasons after season within days. Or whole shows in just one day!

Limited series or single season shows are a great way to spend your day just lounging in your bed. It takes your mind off of your daily boring things, and provides some much needed stress relief. So here are 10 such shows, for you to binge watch in a day:

  1. Blood of Zeus


Blood of Zeus is quite a different take on Greek mythology, and the story of the war between the gods and the giants. Zeus is still the guy who has sex with mortal queens without their knowledge, but he still ends up being one of the good guys.  And he has a son that none of us ever knew about! But this Netflix original is interesting, well written and executed and certified fresh!

Run Time: 4 hours (8 episodes, 30 minutes each.)

Where: Netflix

  1. The Queen’s Gambit


The Queen’s Gambit, based on Walter Tevis’ novel is a coming of age period drama filled with chess, drugs and Anya Taylor-Joy! Its hooking, and won’t let you move from your seat until you have devoured every minute of the series. With exceptional performances from the whole cast, especially Taylor-Joy, this is a show you do not want to miss!

Run Time: 6.5 hours (7 episodes, 56 minutes each.)

Where: Netflix

  1. Julie and the Phantoms


Julie and her ghost band mates give an amazing performance for the audiences to enjoy in Julie and the Phantoms. To help out her mom’s dead band mates in becoming something they were never able to while they were alive, Julie finds her passion for music. This Netflix show is based on a Brazilian series, and might have news for a second season soon enough!

Run Time: 4.5 hours (9 episodes, 30 minutes each.)

Where: Netflix

  1. Made in Heaven


Prime original Made in Heaven deals with two people who run a wedding planning company. The duo runs us through the whole emotional range as we enjoy not one, not two, but nine different Indian weddings! There is opulence, drama, and lots of entertainment!

Run Time: 7.5 hours (9 episodes, 50 minutes each.)

Where: Amazon Prime

  1. Los Espookys


Los Espookys is about a group of friends who cater to bring thrilling adventures by staging fake exorcisms’ and false haunting missions to earn their bucks from clients. But at the same time, they are also dealing with real demons and mirror dimensions and what not! Oxymoron, where you at? This HBO/ HBO Max show though primarily comedic has bits of drama and a little of thrill mixed in.

Run Time: 3 hours (6 episodes, 30 minutes each.)

Where: HBO and HBO Max

  1. Living With Yourself


Living With Yourself is about Paul Rudd and more Paul Rudd – or well, at least about his character and his clones. The ageless beauty that is Paul Rudd gives a good enough performance that you can binge watch this show for a day. Unfortunately, the show itself is not that special, and you will probably forget about it until someone reminds you of is existence.

Run Time: Netflix

Where: 3.5 (8 episodes, 27 minutes each.)

  1. Crashing


Before Fleabag, Phoebe Waller-Bridge gave us another very British dramatic comedy titles Crashing. The story is about 6 people who band together to live in an unused hospital for a very cheap price. As they take their first steps into adulating through life and love, they realize what it takes to live with strangers. All in all, it is not a show that will let you down!

Run Time: 2.5 hours (6 episodes, 23 minutes each.)

Where: Netflix

  1. Love, Victor


Remember the movie Love, Simon? Well, Love, Victor is its spin off, sort of! The story is like a fan fiction come to life, but in a good way. It follows Victor as he muddles through school and home on his way to self discovery and well as figuring out his sexual orientation. And we do get some glimpses of Simon himself, as Victor reaches out to him for some much needed advice.

Run Time: 5 hours (10 episodes, 30 minutes each.)

Where: Hulu

  1. Astronomy Club


This one season sketch show is perfect binge watch material for the day. Astronomy Club follows eight Black comics, who are the first all-black house team at the Upright Citizens Brigade. The group discusses an array of real world topics – from pop culture, to social issues and of course – the black experience. It is certified fresh, you guys! Don’t miss out!

Run Time: 2 hours (6 episodes, 20 minutes each.)

Where: Netflix

  1. Stath Lets Flats


The BAFTA award winning sitcom created and starring Jamie Demetriou about a Greek – Cypriot letting agent Slath, who works for his father. Unfortunately for him, he is the worst possible lettings agent; but fortunately for him, so is his sister, who also works for their father! There are two seasons, equally funny and enjoyable – so don’t miss out!

Run Time: 5 hours (12 episodes, 23 minutes each.)

Where: HBO Max

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