We have all heard of the Marvel Cinematic Universe and the Detective Comics Extended Universe. But apparently we now also have a Netflix Holiday Cinematic Universe, or as Twitter has renamed it – the Netflix Christmas Cinematic Universe.


Vanessa Hudgens and Netflix have teamed up quite a few times to give the audiences some adorably romantic Christmas movies. From The Knight Before Christmas to of course, The Princess Switch, she has been involved in a couple of these movies. And now obviously we also have the sequel – The Princess Switch: Switched Again.

But this Netflix Christmas Cinematic Universe has come forth because of a merger between two series – The Princess Switch starring Hudgens and A Christmas Prince, starring Rose McIver. You know, the zombie doctor who takes a job in the morgue to eat dead brains from The CWs iZombie?


So the couple from A Christmas Prince – Prince Richard and by now his wife – Amber, make a cameo on the Princess Switch: Switched again. But the problem is that in the first movie – The Princess Switch, the characters of Margaret and Kevin are seen watching A Christmas Prince on Netflix. Clearly, we have a Netflix Movie Universe paradox going on.

  1. Someone Explain, Please!


Which is exactly what this Twitter user has questions about! How? How are we explaining this?

  1. I Do What I Want

So another Twitter user just answers in their own “I don’t care, I’m Netflix” way!

  1. Jingle All The Way

Here is another user, getting excited about having this Christmas verse!

  1. You Say What Now?

Although, this other user doesn’t seem as happy about the idea as you’d think!

  1. Broke, Woke & Bespoke

Some went broke, some are kinda woke, and the others are apparently bespoke!

  1. This? Not this! No! This!

This user seems to have some issues trying to figure out all the plotlines and character connections in the – you guessed it right, Netflix Christmas Cinematic Universe!

  1. MCU Meet NHCU/ NCCU

Some comparisons between the MCU and the NCCU. Of course!

  1. Some More Of It!


And some more comparisons! I mean, it was inevitable!

  1. The Only Thing That Matters!

Another Twitter user sharing with the world the only thing they care about – the Netflix Christmas Cinematic Universe.

  1. Low Key, We Get It

And the other one! We kinda low key understand.

  1. I’ve Got The Power!

Who is more powerful? The Netflix Christmas Cinematic Universe of course!

  1. Princess Iron Man

Who would have thought the girl from High School Musical would be the next Robert Downey Jr.? Not us! Really! But apparently this Twitter user thinks so!

  1. Fight! Come on Fight!

This user can’t wait for a team up to fight some evil cousins. Somehow, neither can we!

  1. How Dare They?!?

Here is Dana Schwartz asking the real question – How dare you, Netflix? How did you dare? I mean really, explain it to us. Someone. Please!

  1. Let’s Break This Down!

And finally, here is Netflix giving us their own two cents in this matter. But still not a proper explanation guys!

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