With such a great level of excitement with the release of the newest spider-man film ‘No Way Home’, fans are going utterly crazy! The craziness remains genuine and valid for of, course, Tom Holland- the starrer is all set to create new differences and become the biggest blockbuster of this year! Even with the newly launched release, the early reviews have already made it halfway there to evoke a different sense of urge to watch it the very first day amongst plenty of individuals, and majorly the fans!

There’s a lot to unlock with the entrance of this cinematic escapade which will surely make you remember greater adaptations of spider-man inclusive of supervillains and their great usage of powers!

If you are already on the go to watch this blockbuster, here’s your checklist which you must follow!

Must-know 10 things before you move forward to watching ‘No Way Home’:

1) Might be Tom Holland’s End-game

No Way Home
No Way Home

A special announcement for the fans before they feel their heartbreak, believe it or not, within ‘No Way Home’, it could be Tom Holland’s swan song as spidey. Tom’s spider-man had a sad life in MCU but it was again a fun and popularly adventurous addition. The contract might get extended too but as for now, this is the early review which you must be aware of!

2) A Unique Octavious

Doc Ock
Doc Ock

This is one of the biggest fuel flex which is running errands over spidey hype wherein Alfred Molina is expected to reprise the role of Otto Octavious, back from Spiderman 2. The connection between the both is likely to be bitter-sweet.

3) Returning of Spiderman Could Be a New Array

No Way Home Tom Holland Is Thrilled To Finally Talk About Spoilers

As of now, the biggest rumour regarding ‘No Way Home’ is that Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield will be the new roles. The fans are ecstatic to see this fruitful combination. 

4) Tony Could Be a Driving Force

tony stark 1200

Love the plotline or hate it, it’s still going to be true that MCU villains are connected to stark, therefore Tony will be driving a strong force in Peter’s life where the odds will be no different.

5) A Quick Wrap-Up

Why Sony SHOULD Give Us Amazing Spider Man 3 With Andrew Garfield

Toby and Andrew’s return might be the final wrap-up as they won’t really be seen in any upcoming movie. Although within both their final films, they really didn’t wrap up for real, this last time the issues might be solved, helping them be at the sunset.

6) The MCU Could Be Changed Forever

Will Garfield's Spidey get another shot?
Will Garfield’s Spidey get another shot?

In the case of ‘No Way Home’, consequences might be changed forever for MCU as the characters will be leaked wherein new characters will be added too.

7) Tom Holland’s Peter Parker Has Not Killed Any Supervillain As Of Now

No Way Home
No Way Home

Keeping in mind the usual and instant kill, herein, Spidey has not killed any supervillains yet. Even in Spider-Man’s Homecoming, instead of focusing on killing, he saved Vulture’s life. This demonstrates his morality that killing is wrong. Here, he has to fight against five supervillains where morality follows the same.

8) Nothing Should Be Assumed

Spider Man No Way Home Fans Believe The Movie Has Recycled Sony Footage

While you are on it to watch, the rumors could remain rumors only. Fans can always assume what they what, but they must not get into theories as MCU is absolutely filled with plots, unexpected stories, and twists.

9) Expectations Should Be Limited

Which film is better?

It is always great to be happier than your expectations than to be disappointed with over-burdening them. There is no as such storyline which could fit accurately to ‘No way home’. Plot elements are always running rampant on the web.

10) Don’t React Dramatically

Top 5 Most Tearful Scenes In No Way Home

Every movie ends with some suspense or something variable to your expectations, however, every Spider-Man fan wishes to watch a fantastic film, but if they don’t feel they have received it, they should know it is just a movie, and it’s not safe to act dramatically.


Every movie is built with utmost dedication and a lot of hard work behind it. If you are upset by the end, it is okay, not everything can be as appealing to everyone. If it was up to the mark as per your expectations, then, well, high-five to the real workers at the background and the forefront heroes of the screen too. 

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