Movies often take some creative liberties when it comes to the characters and their journeys through the story of the movies. Usually the journey makes the characters transition to a different person in 2 hours; making it achievable for the film.
Sometimes, sequels have the benefit of making these appearances come out in an different way and can be explained due to the time between original movie and the sequel.
Here are some instances when characters changed between the films

1.  Wolverine


Wolverine is one of the most important superheroes and Hugh Jackman portrayed the character as if he was born to do so! The character evolved and lot and became the most important character in the X-Men films. His largest transition was in his final portrayal in Logan.

2. Thor


Thor went through a massive transition from Thor: Ragnarok. He went through lot of character developments. We also see him struggle with PTSD post the beginning events of Avengers: Endgame where he couldn’t defeat Thanos and also lost his brother too. And we can expect a much bigger change in his character for the upcoming Thor: Love & Thunder.

3. Lord Voldemort

Voldemort in Harry Potter and the Sorcerers Stone and Goblet of Fire e1631516947500

Voldemort went through massive changes before settling for an A list actor to play the character. The first version we saw was a haunting depiction but it was just a head. We go to see the full appearance in Goblet of Fire and Ralph Fiennes nailed it.

4.  Laurie Strode

halloween split jamie laurie strode

The Halloween movies gave major development to Laurie Strode. She now wields weapons and is prepared for Michael’s return. In her previous portrayal, she was making poor attempts to catching Michael. She got a deserving redemption.

5.  Thanos

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Marvel hadn’t attached a big name for the role of Thanos and was portrayed by Damion Poitier. In Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.1 Josh Brolin took over. The character went through a lot of transformation and advancement of technology impacted the CGI.

6. Bo Peep

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Bo Peep in Toy Story 2 was just Woody’s love interest. But in Toy Story 4, she had her own adventures and even led other toys. This was a delight for the fans and the character got a proper redemption from a stereotypical character.


F8 F9

Cipher played the villain in The Fate of the Furious by blackmailing Dom to work for her. In the sequel she operated from the prison and still made an impact as she took over the villain’s role. She didn’t succeed in killing Dom bu since she survived, makes the franchise more exciting.

8. Ash

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Ash’s transition from an innocent kid to a person who is ready to take full vengeance for the death of his friends was great one. He wields a chainshaw. And even thought Evil Dead and Evil Dead 2 aren’t sequels, they do connect.

9. Michael Corleone

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Michael’s transition from Godfather 2 to Godfather 3 was massive. It represents what power does to a person.

10.  Sarah Connor

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Sarah has one of the most impressive transitions. She was a damsel in distress in the first Terminator but the sequel took her character to a different level.
She knew what was coming and was prepared to handle things by herself.

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