The most dramatic sequences in the MCU aren’t typically the ones that occur shortly after a character dies. Sometimes the most moving scenes are the quiet ones in which a character finally reveals their true selves to the audience—the scenes in which a prickly or defensive superhero finally lets down their guard, and the audience wishes they could step through the screen and offer them some small comfort. The MCU is brimming with sad events and heroes—individuals who put their lives on the line so that others might have a second chance at life. The Avengers and other MCU heavyweights are fantastic at putting up a show of confidence and comedy most of the time. However, there are other occasions throughout the franchise where the confidence fractures just enough to reveal the shattered hearts hidden within them. Thus, we at Animated Times thought, why not let fans show 10 MCU moments when the characters really needed a hug. Sounds dramatic! If yes, then let’s hop into the list and see through ourselves which moments were these.

10. When Happy Tried To Comfort Tony’s Daughter At His Funeral :


From the beginning of the MCU, Happy Hogan has been on Tony’s side. They share a genuine relationship, which makes watching Happy at Tony’s burial all the more difficult. Despite all of the emotions at play, Happy’s handling of his sadness makes him a more likeable character. Rather than wallow in his own grief (which would have been totally normal), Happy resolves to watch out for others who need him now that Tony is gone. Happy, in particular, spends his time at the ceremony soothing Tony’s daughter and promising her “all the cheeseburgers” she desires. It’s good to see Happy be there for others, but it makes supporters wish they could have been there for him.

9. When Drax Told Mantis About His Wife And Daughter:


Drax acts as humorous relief in both Guardians of the Galaxy films. Everyone recalls his quips, yet those same jokes might make it easy to forget how much agony he is carrying around inside him. One of Drax’s most touching moments is when he confides in his new friend Mantis. The dialogue begins with typical Drax hilarity as he naively refers to Mantis as an ugly pet, but it swiftly becomes dark. Drax tells Mantis that she reminds him of his daughter, and she offers out a comforting hand. Mantis’ empathy powers are activated as a result of this touch, and the agony inside Drax leads her to weep instantly.

8. When Thor Told Rocket And Groot About How He Failed Asgard and His Family:


Thor losing his cool and hiding away to play video games in Endgame comes as no surprise after watching the Norse god deteriorate throughout Infinity War.For much of the film, Thor lifts his head up and trudges forth, but there is a terrible grief seething behind his muscles. While the trio is on their way to construct a weapon capable of slaying Thanos, Rocket and Groot catch a glimpse of Thor’s seething melancholy. During the journey, Thor begins to reminisce about everything and everyone he’s lost. He begins by talking about losing his sibling, then his father, his mother, and finally his best friend. Thor is a figure famed for his strength, so it’s difficult to see him in such misery. To be honest, a hug at that point may have stopped his backslide in Endgame.

7. When Bucky Told Yori The Truth About His Son’s Demise:


It’s been debated, both in-universe and among fans, how accountable Bucky Barnes should feel for his actions as the Winter Soldier. While it’s simple to state from the outside that Bucky Barnes was brainwashed and had no control over his actions, confronting the human consequences when emotions are involved is considerably more difficult. At the end of the day, Bucky Barnes must live with the reality that it was his hand that pulled the trigger so many times over the years, forcing the loved ones of innocent people to bear the agony he inflicted. Bucky Barnes appears to find a buddy in an elderly New Yorker who recalls him of his boyhood in the 1940s in The Falcon and the Winter Soldier. However, when the audience learns that Bucky sought out the father because he felt bad for killing his son as the Winter Soldier, a black cloud settles over their connection. Bucky eventually confesses to his friend Yori about what happened to his son. It’s a watershed moment for Bucky, but it’s also a sad one, because he knows he’s hurting and losing one of his few pals.

6. When Loki Asked Odin About His Real Heritage:


It’s easy to sympathize with Loki. The trickster god cuts a melancholy figure even when he leads the Chitauri army against Earth. Loki has spent his whole existence in the shadow of his brother Thor, unable to comprehend why he is so different. He has no understanding of why Odin seemed to favur Thor in the way that he did. In Thor, Loki eventually realizes where he came from and confronts Odin about it. During their chat, Odin not only acknowledges that Loki is a Frost Giant, but he also discloses that he stole Loki in order to unify the realms. As a result of this knowledge, Loki laments that he is “nothing more than another stolen artefact.” Loki goes from raging at Odin for how his father abused him to weeping by his father’s side as he falls into Odinsleep. Not only does Loki need a hug after feeling othered his entire life, but he also needs one after witnessing his father-someone he still loves and dearly wants respect from-collapse to the ground in misery.

5. When Steve Couldn’t Get Drunk After Losing Bucky:


Captain America’s origin tale is rife with sorrow. That shouldn’t be a surprise given that Rogers spent the majority of his MCU career away from his home era and the love of his life. Despite Rogers’ desire to return to the era that moulded him, the 1940s were far from idyllic for the hero. Before he became Captain America, Steve Rogers was just a boy from Brooklyn. Back then, Rogers’ only actual companion was his best buddy, Bucky Barnes. When Bucky reached maturity, he enlisted, and Rogers later joined him as Captain America. Bucky Barnes was killed in the line of duty after a brief golden era in which the team worked together on missions. Rogers blamed himself, which led to his lowest point. In Captain America: The First Avenger, Peggy discovers Steve alone at a tavern, attempting to drink away his sorrows. That would be horrible enough on its own, but it gets worse. As Rogers explains to Peggy in the sequence, the Super-Soldier Serum prevents him from being inebriated. So there Rogers sits at a pub, attempting to drink away his sorrows but failing to find even a momentary reprieve from his misery.

4. When Peter Thought That MJ Only Cared About Him Because She Knew He Was Spider-Man:


Part of Spider-sadness The Man’s problem is that his superheroics always seem to pull him away from those he cares about. Peter’s troubled love life is prominent in Spider-Man: Far From Home, as Parker attempts to put his superheroics on hold so that he may finally tell MJ how he feels about her. Instead, he becomes engrossed in his biggest adventure yet, and he temporarily abandons his quest for MJ’s heart. In Far From Home, Peter spends much of his European tour yearning for MJ. After overcoming difficulties and elemental animals, it appears that Peter will finally have his time on a Prague bridge. Peter starts telling MJ how he feels about her, but she cuts him off by saying she knows he’s about to tell her he’s Spider-Man. Their next conversation leaves Peter feeling that Spider-Man is ruining his love life in more ways than one, and that the only reason MJ is interested in him is because he is Spider-Man. While moviegoers may not be able to identify with Peter’s superpowers, they can certainly relate to a 15-year-old uncomfortably attempting to tell a girl how he feels and leaving the scenario feeling bad.

3. When The Benatar Blew Away Ant-Man’s Tacos:


No one’s post-Snap experience is pleasant, but Scott Lang’s is particularly intriguing. Scott spends the five years following the Snap inside the Quantum Realm, where only a few hours pass. Scott emerges from that realm to discover that his love and mentor have been taken from him, and that he has lost years of his daughter’s life. Scott Lang then returns to the Avengers to explain how time works differently in the Quantum Realm. His time there serves as the foundation for the plan that rescues the universe. But, along the way, Scott has become a source of amusement for many of his Avengers teammates. One such instance occurs as Scott is attempting to unwind outside of the compound with a snack. Right before he can eat, Nebula lands the Guardians’ Benatar in the front yard, blasts his taco away, and then calls him a fool. Fortunately for those looking to console Scott, Hulk steps in to offer Lang a replacement taco.

2. When Peter Had His Spider-Man Suit Taken Away From Him:


Tom Holland is the third actor to portray Peter Parker in a live-action big-screen adaptation of Spider-Man. Though Holland’s portrayal differs from the previous Parkers in many ways, there is one significant thread that links them all: Peter Parker really wants to be a hero (even if he isn’t always very good at it). In Spider-Man: Homecoming, Peter Parker struggles to be a decent Spider-Man despite becoming dissatisfied with Tony Stark’s training wheels. Still, Peter Parker admires Stark and wishes for Stark to be proud of him. That’s why it’s so heartbreaking when, after Peter screws up and Iron Man has to interfere to save ferry passengers, Peter Parker has to hear his hero admit that he was mistaken about him and that he wasn’t ready to be Spider-Man. The incident is summed up when Peter says to Tony, “I just want to be like you,” to which Tony adds, “and I want you to be better,” before demanding the Spider-Man costume back.

1. When Yelena Finds Out The Rest Of Her Family Didn’t Care As Much About Their Past Life Together As She Does:


Black Widow begins with a family enjoying an ordinary suburban life in Ohio before exposing that everything is a deception. It’s a spy family, but not all of the members are old enough to really comprehend what that entails. Yelena, the younger of the two children, appears to believe she is part of a nice family in Ohio. She’s the only member of the Red Room sleeper cell that remembers their time together warmly since it was true to her as a child. Later, when the “family” reunites to try to bring down the merciless Red Room, the other members criticize and deride their time together to damage one another, and the persistent cynicism begins to wear on Yelena. It gets to the point where she abruptly quits their supper after expressing her disappointment that the finest portion of her life was a lie. Thankfully, this scenario leads to a nice moment in which the Red Guardian joins Yelena in her chamber and performs her favorite childhood song from their brief time together, “American Pie.

Well, there you have it: 10 Times when These MCU Characters Really Needed a Hug. Well, to be honest, these scenes above from the Marvel Cinematic Universe are some of the most emotional scenes that we, as fans, have seen throughout the years. These scenes definitely prove that these characters really needed a good hug while they were sad, and to be honest, the actors also did an amazing job. So at which of these times did you feel like giving the characters a hug? Do let us know in the comments down below. Till then, keep on reading Animated Times, your one-stop destination for learning more about the entertainment industry, new movies, TV series, celebrity gossip, and so much more.

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