Way back in 2006, Tom Hanks, one of the most iconic actors of his generation, featured on Esquire magazine’s cover page. He sported long hair, with a baby blue polo shirt and khaki pants. The photograph displayed him casually holding a beer in one hand and a cheeseburger in another while he was winking. Quite adorable, isn’t it?
Everyone’s favorite Tom Hanks received the title of “America’s Dad” because of his charming personality, comforting attitude, and an amazing sense of humor.
His Twitter handle has over sixteen million ardent followers. His Twitter bio reads that he’s been an actor in some of the movies that people liked while some they didn’t, and sometimes he is in pretty good shape while other times he is not. That’s pretty honest of him.

If you are not a Tom Hanks fan already, you will soon become one. His wholesome and humorous tweets are like a breather, which is most welcome now.

We have prepared a list of the top ten Tom Hanks tweets that you are sure to love.


1 2
Tom Hanks thanking a local citizen



2 1
Tom hanks making fun of a building



3 1
Tom Hanks hilariously tweeting about a lost ID card




Tom Hanks displaying his costume



Selfie of Tom Hanks and his fan with a Woody tattoo



Tom Hanks posting positive message after testing COVID positive


Tom Hanks has been in the industry for over twelve years, and some of his finest works are ‘Forest Gump’ and ”Saving Private Ryan”.

Everyone loves him, be it his colleagues, fans, or even critiques. All thanks to his super sweet nature. He is known for his socializing and communication skills.
His fans are the biggest proof of this. Many have told how they met the star in restaurants, streets, or practically anywhere and had an amazing experience. They even went on to post about it on social media, expressing how they treasure it forever. Many believe that it’s all because of his simple, sweet, and down to earth behavior.




7 1
Tom Hanks posts his high school photo



8 1
Tom Hanks posts a cute wish for his wife



Tom Hanks hilariously posts a damaged car



10 1
Tom Hanks posts a picture of a lost pacifier


Why is Tom Hanks “America’s Dad”?

Speaking of down to earth nature, this was why he was titled ” America’s Dad.” Esquire had initially presented Hanks as a dad in their magazine cover shoot. He said that Hanks’ star persona had always depended on his ability to embody the Americana spirit and that it would only make sense to embrace the image of the All-American Dad on-screen.
Besides, Esquire stated that it would make more sense to give this title to an actor who has been Hollywood’s main man for the past three decades.

It looks like the magazine is quite fond of the star. What are your thoughts on this? Comment down below.

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