Shows that give you some fresh material are rare these days. Most borrow from already established shows. But these original shows are not remakes, spinoffs or reboots. They got their own thing going.


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Source: HBO

Succession, in one word, is enthralling. You would expect a show about a media mogul stepping down and the family rivalry taking over being a run off the mill pop-culture trope. But Succession manages to pull it off with style and suave. What people think would be just a boring family drama becomes a riveting tale of power, vengeance, and conspiracies.

Stranger Things

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Source: Netflix

At first glance, you may think that Stranger Things is based off of an established source material. But the show was created from scratch. Those were times when Netflix actually made its writers and designers to come up with unique storylines on their own. And Stranger Things was probably the Netflix Golden Age’s greatest tentpole project.

American Vandal

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Source: Netflix

This Netflix mocumentary is aimed at the growing genre of crime documentaries, something Netflix itself is responsible for popularizing. The story takes a camera crew across a bunch of locations where they try and solve petty crimes. Season 1 of the show focused on the team investigating who drew a bunch of genitalia in teachers’ cars. The humor is dark and subtle and American Vandal is a national treasure when it comes to parodying.

The Good Place

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Source: NBC

The world building of this show is so damn good people mistake that the show is based on a book series or something. But the truth is, the script and story writers of the show are just THAT good. Apart from the world building, the incredible characterizations within the show is hard to miss. Not a single character in The Good Place could be termed boring. The series has top notch humor and deserves all the praise it can get.

Russian Doll

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Source: Netflix

Although time loop stories are a dime a dozen in Hollywood, Russian Doll does introduce it’s own distinct plot twists and turns that keep you hooked. The show tries hard to be its own thing rather than being compared to time loop classics like Groundhog Day or Edge Of Tomorrow. In the end, it succeeds in doing so. The show is very creative and fans of this sub-genre should try it out.


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Source: Netflix

No show has ever come close to representing autism as sweetly and refreshingly as Atypical. Netflix’s Atypical is comedy at its purest form. It is heartfelt and profound. Sam is an autistic teenager who must juggle through family, friends, and relationships all the while living life to the fullest. The show never ever tries to make you pity the lead, something most other similar shows are guilty of. Instead you relate with him and start to accept his ‘atypical’ point of view on life and all other things.


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Source: Netflix

Elite is a wild ride from start to finish. There is every scandalous thing under the sun you could ever imagine and this show has it all. Murder, betrayal, intrigue, drama, incest, affairs – every freaking thing. The show has some truly insane twists in the tale you will never see coming.

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