TV series have been a huge hit since a long time. Be it Friends; How I Met Your Mother, Game of Thrones, Sherlock Holmes or even to the recent ones released by Marvel on Disney+ like Loki and WandaVision. They all have been so amazing which has gained them popularity all over the world. But that just means fans watching it keenly and point out some mistakes or some plot holes or maybe just things that didn’t make sense.
But the worst of them all are those annoying inconsistencies in the series. Like how can anyone ignore that? As a fan, that would be the most disappointing thing to see; imagine you are watching your favorite show with all that undivided attention and suddenly you notice that the plots aren’t consistent enough.
Trust me, I personally have been there.
Here are some of the most annoying plot inconsistencies out there!

1. Friends

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In Friends, Monica calls Chandler as her soulmate in her wedding vows and then just 15 damn episodes after the wedding, when Phoebe goes on a date with Don and thinks he is Monica’s soulmate. Chandler decides to confront Monica about the same and guess what Monica replies?
She tells him, “I do not believe in soulmates.” Like wait a minute.

2. Stranger Things

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One of really amazing series of Netflix; Stranger things is set in 1985. During one of the scenes, the “gang” are shown eating red M&M’s, but they were not reintroduced until 1987. Do some research y’all!

3. The Big Bang Theory

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In the series, Sheldon told Penny that he has had his “three knock” compulsion ever since he walked in on his dad having an affair when he was 13. But then in the earlier episodes of the seasons of the show, he was actually capable of knocking JUST once as well. Ugh.

4. The Walking Dead

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No offence to the fans; The Walking Dead is a really really great show. But to all the fans who have religiously watched all the nine seasons, why didn’t it have winter? Like there was no winter season even once.

5. Riverdale

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In one of the episodes, Fangs got shot right in the stomach but in the very next season, he didn’t even have a hint of scar! We all want that lotion.

6. Game of Thrones

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In the very early seasons, it took the characters ages to travel across the lands, but towards the final seasons, they are going back and forth within episodes with hardly any time passing. Why would you stretch the series so much then?

7. Gossip Girl

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In the many many episodes of the Gossip Girl, where Dan was shocked by G.G’s blasts, despite the fact that he was meant to be the “brains” behind them. And of course, it was so obvious that Dan could NOT have done it. And it just makes it more and more obvious that they decided to make him Gossip Girl at the very last second.

8. Brooklyn Nine-Nine

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In the third season of the Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Terry’s wife had a baby who is never seen or even mentioned every again, even though his other kids keep on appearing in the later seasons. And all the fans had the question “Where did Jake’s godbaby, Ava go?”

9. New Girl

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In New Girl, Jess’ sister appeared for just one season and then magically, her existence was vanished and she didn’t even go to her own sister’s wedding.
And there wasn’t even any mention of her before or even after she was there… at all.
They never showed them as kids, they didn’t show them growing up or together in any flashbacks.
And it makes us think that was she even her sister at all? Shouldn’t she be at her own sister’s wedding or something? No one mentions her ever again.

10. That ‘70s Show

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What seems to be a recurring theme, in the first season of That ‘70s Show, Donna had a little sister, Tina, before she mysteriously vanished and Donna randomly became an only child.

11. Buffy The Vampire Slayer

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In the series, Buffy the Vamipire Slayer, the Initiative group implants Spike with a chip that causes him excruciating pain if he hurts any human in any damn way and apart from it would seem that the scientists he attacks while he escapes. Like what the hell is even going on?

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