Award winning movies are movies that are loved and acclaimed by all. If the critics like it, we will too. Right? WRONG!! These acclaimed movies show not everything fits that shoe.

Lost In Translation

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There are fan circles on reddit that claim Sofia Coppola’s ‘masterpiece’ has a lot of problems that the majority of the viewers just ignore. Sometimes its transphobic and even downright racist when you are not looking. And the fans of this movie are like English football fans – rabid and aggressive, pouncing at anything that dares attack Coppola.


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You may worship Christopher Nolan as a cultist, we don’t. We believe the legendary director has faltered a lot of times, the prime example being Dunkirk. The movie relies too much on sound effects but has no bass when it comes to a feasible, well-woven story arc. Everything seems out of place in Dunkirk. Some even call watching Dunkirk was the ‘best nap of their life’.


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Is it a good movie? Maybe. We won’t contest that. But to call it a work of art and an award winner would be stretching it. It is a glorified love triangle happening within a ship. The only reason the movie won international recognition is because of Cameron, DiCaprio, and Kate Winslet. Take those three out and the entire movie falls apart like a house of cards.

The Shape Of Water

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People call it the weirdest movie ever made. And rightfully so. There’s so much to take in it makes you feel nauseous at times. There have been many reddit users who said they could not sit through the entire run time of the movie because the story was weird, the characters even weirder.


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Moonlight was an attempt to make an artsy movie but with a stride of panache. The premise was good. The actors were even better. But many still believe the movie banked on the diversity trend to win Oscars that year. There were better candidates who should have won instead of Moonlight. Arrival or even Lion could have won that year.


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Believe it or not, there are literally thousands of Jaws haters all over the internet. They have only one question to ask – what is so scary about a shark in the open sea. We mean we get it. Animals are dangerous. And we all should respect that. But the people in Jaws should have just left the mammal in peace and gone on their merry way. The movie has so many glaring plot holes too.


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Carol banked on the chemistry of Cate Blanchett and Rooney Mara. People thought it rocked. But we are here to give an unpopular opinion. Carol showed there was no chemistry between Blanchett and Mara. Sue us. People just hyped it up way too much.

2001: A Space Odyssey

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Apart from the movie’s incredibly long run time, Kubrick seemed to focus way too much on the build up rather than furthering the plot. Scenes take hours on end to end. The introduction scene itself was too slow for many people’s tastes. The movie showed a spaceship drifting in space for an entire 15 minutes!! That’s not right.

No Country For Old Men

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Many claim the ending of the movie is too overhyped for its own good. Javier Bardem delivers splendidly. That gas station speech deserves applause. but the rest of the cast does a sub-par job at best. There are points in the movie where you can’t even figure out what is going on. That is never a good sign for a movie that won so many awards.

The Social Network

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The internet vividly calls The Social Network the worst critically acclaimed movie of all time. The acting is the only highlight. The story is way off the mark. How it got into the Oscars, we will never know.

The Shining

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People who have read the book will never agree to the movie version of Stephen King‘s magnum opus. Jack Nicholson does not fit as Johnny. The rest of his family is also a strong of bad choices when it comes to casting. The movie even diverges from the source on many occasions.


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Ok it may not be a movie but before all the theater fans take offense, we just want to say – Hamilton is not everyone’s cup of tea. And by everyone, we only means fans of the theater experience. Should you spend your time watching Hamilton on Disney+? We suggest you don’t.

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