Even if its a Disney animated movie, sequels are hard to swallow. Many think they are unnecessary. But these sequels to cult classic Disney movies were a pleasant surprise.

Aladdin And The King Of Thieves

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Is it better than the original? We don’t think so. At the very best, it is just as good. The movie is intriguing because it banks on an already established Middle-Eastern folk tale of Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves. The movie establishes Aladdin‘s familial origin and expands the universe efficiently. It should deserve all the applause it can get.

Bambi And The Great Prince Of The Forest

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After Bambi’s mother dies and his father takes up the job of raising him, things do take a rather intriguing turn. The father is voiced by none other than Patrick Stewart, known for his legendary coarse voice. There are some interesting movie references too like the Easter egg pointing towards Groundhog Day.

Mulan II

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Many criticize Mulan II for changing genres. The first movie was about hidden identities and saving a nation from invaders. the second movie is more on the lines of a comedy with the lead character more focused on an impending marriage. Rather than comparing it with Mulan, if only we start enjoying the flick like the Director wanted us to when he switched genres, life would be so much easier.

Stitch: The Movie

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The movie served as a pilot for the famous Lilo & Stitch TV show that came right after. Lilo and Stitch must locate all of Jumba’s missing genetic experiments. They must also find a place for the aberrations that fits their abilities and traits perfectly. It also introduces an evil antagonist – Dr. Hämsterviel, who is hot on their tails to capture the experiments.

The Lion King II: Simba’s Pride

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The reasons we had to include The Lion King II are way too many to count. The music is so damn great. The new characters that are introduced to the movie are well-rounded and relatable. Although it is a direct sequel to the events of The Lion King, it feels like it could be its own movie without relying on the original movie’s foundations.

Return to Neverland

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The Peter Pan sequel is criminally underrated. More people should be talking about it. And we won’t just say it because the story is good. But also because of the fact that the story sticks very closely to the cult classic original Disney movie. Wendy has grown up and now it’s her daughter’s turn to meet Peter Pan. It is a family friendly adventure everyone will appreciate.

The Little Mermaid II – Return To The Sea

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Ariel is now a mother to a daughter. Her daughter Melody is inquisitive and curious just like her mother is. So she falls for the same trap Ariel once fell for – the promises of an evil sea witch. Except this time the sea witch is Morgana, Ursula‘s sister. For the first time, we see Ariel make the same mistakes her father Triton once did while dealing with Ursula.

The Rescuers Down under

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The original movie gave us two mouse detectives that rescue an American girl is peril. The sequel movie takes the detectives to Australia, where they must fight an evil Oz poacher who has kidnapped a young boy. The voice acting is excellent and the animation is a work of art. In fact, it is Disney’s first ever fully digital feature movie.

The Lion King III – Hakuna Matata

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Many called this The Lion King 1.5. The movie explores the best part of the Lion King series – Timon and Pumbaa. The story takes us to the origin story of the two iconic carefree characters. We also get to see a bratty, teenage Simba in action. all in all, it is a movie every fan would love watching over and over again.

Tarzan II: The Legend Begins

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While not a sequel but a prequel, Tarzan II is certainly worthy of praise. It lives up to the expectations set by the first Disney movie. A young Tarzan is having an identity crisis. Het gets separated from his pack and now has to survive the jungle on his own. He meets tan old timer gorilla and another pack of Gorilla misfits that help him in his journey.

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