“Being on your own would be sad, sick and weird. I don’t trust myself. I need that balance.” – Daniel Craig.

Rian Johnson was the Director and Written of the 2019 American mystery movie Knives Out, which was produced by Ram Bergman and Rian Johnson. The movie’s plot follows a master detective, investigating the death of the patriarch after a family gathering went wrong. The film features an orchestra cast, namely Ana de Armas, Jamie Lee Curtis, Michael Shannon, Don Johnson, Toni Collette, Lakeith Stanfield, Katherine Langford, Jaeden Martell, and Christopher Plummer. While Daniel Craig was the main lead in the movie playing the detective, while Chris Evans, who plays Ransom Drysdale, the killer in the film. Many fans had already addressed that the movie Knives Out was messed up with fun Easter Eggs. Along with a few hidden gags to keep the audience on the outlook for clues on repeat viewings. But for those brain-teaser obsessives, who still crave more and more secrets and mysteries when not watching the movie. There are more than some behind the scenes facts about this 2019 murder mystery knives out. On the sets of the movie Academy, Award-nominated comic thriller writer/director Rian Johnson’s things were just as comical and thrilling when the camera wasn’t rolling. For example, the crew of the movie had to go for great lengths with the camera tricks to avoid themselves from getting in the frame. One of the most exciting camera tricks in the film actually happened by accident. Apple had a strange involvement with the movie that is seemingly very common than fans might believe. A lot more and all of this will be revealed in the following BTS trivial bits. As we at Animated Times have come out with these 12 facts based on the movie the Knives Out. 

1. James Bond Nearly Prevented Daniel Craig From Starring In Knives Out:


2. Rian Johnson Avoided Whodunnits When Crafting Knives Out:


3. Star Wars Critics Motivated Rian Johnson When Writing Knives Out:


4. Rian Johnson Ditched A Vacation To Meet With Daniel Craig About Knives Out:


5. Chris Evans Had Way Too Many Cookies Filming One Knives Out Sequence:


6. Knives Out Crew Went Far To Stay Out Of Characters’ Eyeglass Reflections:


7. Trailers For The Knives Out Cast Turned Out To Be A Wasted Purchase:


8 Marta Cabrera’s Email Address From Knives Out Is Real:


9. Chris Evans’ Insult Rant In Knives Out Was Originally R-Rated:


10. An On-Set Mishap Led To A “Sexy” Camera Effect In Knives Out:


11. A Hidden Knives Out Detail Involving iPhones Reveals A Big Hollywood Secret:


12. Joseph Gordon-Levitt Had A Cameo In Knives Out:



What people basically think about watching this murder mystery movie is that what we at Animated Times are going to tell our fans. Eventually, Knives Out is an old school whodunnit with a refreshing twist that is whip-sharp and as sharp as a knife. Even if you for once manage to figure out all the pieces by the end of the movie, there’s no way of knowing just how much fun the viewer might have while reaching there. Well, Rian Johnson, the director, and producer of the movie get to shake off the spiderwebs blowing the dust off this old genre bringing it back to life in the funniest way possible. So yes, it’s a pretty good movie to watch and will be more exciting as we have led you to some of the most interesting facts about the film from its behind the scenes. Hope you enjoyed knowing the fact…We will inform you more until next time.


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