Danielle Radcliffe is an amazingly cool guy. He is amongst the well known actors of the 21st century. He rose to his fame with his popular role in and as Harry Potter in the franchise and has gone on to star in multiple hit films and even Broadway shows!
And for many it comes as a shocking fact that a guy who played Harry Potter for a decade could be this cool.
And he’s a guy who has literally no chills when it comes to paparazzies ; so it is not surprising when you come across some of his interviews… which are sometimes purely savage too.
Here are some of the best interview moments of Daniel Radcliffe

1. When He Gave These Amazing Tactics For Outsmarting Paparazzi 

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Hermione would be proud. 10 points to Gryffindor.

2. When He Spoke About His Terrifyingly Realistic Mannequin Stunt Double

1002513873 photo u2?auto=format&fit=crop&fm=pjpg&w=375&q=60&dpr=1

And this is realistically scary for some reason.

3.  When He Said He Would End Up Making A Great Spider- Man In Real Life

1002513778 photo u1?auto=format&fit=crop&fm=pjpg&w=650&q=60&dpr=1

If they ever make a spoof; they should definitely get Daniel Radcliffe aboard. He would be fantastic to be honest.

4. When He Gave Away A Very Good “Daniel Radcliffe” Time Traveler Theory.

1002513824 photo u1?auto=format&fit=crop&fm=pjpg&w=650&q=60&dpr=1

Okay. Yes. He could be a time traveller for real.

5. When He Showed Off His LEGO Sets On ” The Late Show”

1002513960 photo u1?auto=format&fit=crop&fm=pjpg&w=650&q=60&dpr=1

Daniel Radcliffe is just like us obsessing over our precious lego sets! Always relatable.

6. His Reply To When He Was Asked If He Was Available For Marriage

1002513751 photo u1?auto=format&fit=crop&fm=pjpg&w=650&q=60&dpr=1

Maybe Daniel Radcliffe just doesn’t want to tie the knot , yet! Try again next year maybe.

7.  When He Accepted That He Has Never Been Trick – Or – Treating

1002513937 photo u1?auto=format&fit=crop&fm=pjpg&w=650&q=60&dpr=1

In his defence, it would be actually scary to dress up as any other character just to be called as “Oh aren’t you Harry Potter”

8. When He Described For Us His Favorite Stunt From The “Harry Potter” Franchise!

1002513949 photo u1?auto=format&fit=crop&fm=pjpg&w=650&q=60&dpr=1

He is quite a daredevil just like his character- Harry Potter. And we are sure Ron thinks Harry has lost it!

9. When He Thought He Was Actually Being Recognized On The Street.

1002513841 photo u1?auto=format&fit=crop&fm=pjpg&w=650&q=60&dpr=1

It is very common for celebrities to think that a fan is saying hi or maybe wants a picture clicked. But being mistaken for a homeless man and being given coffee money surely would have been an embarrassing moment for Daniel Radcliffe.

10. When He Accepted He Says A Lot Of “Yes”

1002513858 photo u1?auto=format&fit=crop&fm=pjpg&w=650&q=60&dpr=1

Daniel Radcliffe seems to be a real life ” Yes Man”

11. When He Let Out His Secret Of Using Fake Names To Stay In Hotels

1002513956 photo u1?auto=format&fit=crop&fm=pjpg&w=650&q=60&dpr=1

Imagine the number of Spam emails his friend gets!

12. When He Talked How He Loves Chess But Is Very Bad At It

1002513941 photo u1?auto=format&fit=crop&fm=pjpg&w=650&q=60&dpr=1

Someone needs to take chess classes from Ron Weasley. This is your clue Harry.

13.  When He Said That He Was Not On Any Social Media Platform 

1002513765 photo u1?auto=format&fit=crop&fm=pjpg&w=650&q=60&dpr=1

We need to stop following those fake and fan made accounts it seems.

14. When He Admitted To J. J. Abrams That He Very Recently Saw “Star Wars”

1002513807 photo u1?auto=format&fit=crop&fm=pjpg&w=650&q=60&dpr=1

15. When He Broke The News That He Is Not Related To Elijah Wood

1002513947 photo u1?auto=format&fit=crop&fm=pjpg&w=650&q=60&dpr=1

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