When it comes to deleted sequences in films, there are usually two main reasons why they are removed. The primary reason is to make the film shorter and tighter. In some situations, the sequences are not immediately required to drive the storyline forward, and the director and editor cut them to ensure that everything in the film advances the plot along and nothing unnecessary stays in the final cut—regardless of how good the scenes and performances are. A second explanation might be that the scenes do not wind up communicating the tale that the filmmaker settles on towards the conclusion of the film. These sequences might have been fantastic when they were shot, but by the time the film was finished, the sequences affected or altered the film’s storyline in a way that the filmmaker desired. Having saying that, not all deleted scenes are made equal. A spectator can see deleted sequences on a DVD and immediately recognize that the scenes could have harmed the film, while in other situations, the viewer realizes that the scenes would not have altered anything and were thus unneeded. However, when looking at all of the deleted sequences from Marvel movies, there are several that might have improved the viewing experience, contributed vital character development, and even—in some cases—filled in narrative holes that everyone complained about. Here are 15 Deleted Scenes From Marvel Films That Shouldn’t Have Been Cut.

15. Rocket Mocks The Avengers For Taking So Long To Defeat The Chitauri (Endgame):


14. Rhodey Asks Steve Why He Had To Crash His Plane (Endgame):


13. Black Widow Wonders Why The Scarlet Witch Is Wearing Her Jacket (Age Of Ultron):


12. Steve Spends More Time With The Waitress Outside Stark Tower Plus An Extra Cameo From Stan Lee (The Avengers):

11. A Cop Uses An Chitauri Gun On An Chitauri (The Avengers):


10. Tony And Pepper Make Breakfast (Endgame):


9. Thor Has A Meltdown In Asgard (Endgame):

8. Quicksilver Hits On A Woman During The Sokovia Attack (Age Of Ultron):


7. Everyone Kneels For Tony (Endgame):


6. Tony Sees A Grown-Up Version Of His Daughter In The Soul Stone (Endgame):


5. In The Norn Cave, Thor Is Possessed And Reveals That Ultron Has The Mind Stone, One Of The Six Infinity Stones (Age Of Ultron):


4. Steve Sees Anti-Cap Graffiti In Sokovia – Which Is Why He Doesn’t Wear His Helmet (Age Of Ultron):


3. Happy Tells Tony And Pepper To Help Him Deal With All The Paparazzi (Infinity War):


2. Thanos Shows Gamora Their Past (Infinity War):


1. There Was An Alternate Ending Shot With A Stand-In That Was Going To Introduce Captain Marvel (Age Of Ultron):


So yes, these are the 15 Deleted Scenes From All Avengers Movies That Shouldn’t Have Been Featured. Well, these scenes should have been in the movies, because they could really have made the movies 10 times more legit than they really are. What do you guys have to say about this? Which one is your favorite deleted scene and which of these deleted Marvel sequences do you wish had remained in the films? Are there any additional deleted sequences that we haven’t mentioned? Leave your thoughts in the comments! Until then, keep reading Animated Times, the perfect place to get a closer look at the entertainment industry, upcoming movies, TV series, celebrity gossip, and much more. We’ll have you covered. Keep reading animated times, guys, for more.

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