1.In Moana, Whenever Maui transforms into a hawk, he is no longer able to hold his magic hook in his hands (Since birds don’t have any). But his Hawk form does show the hook tattooed to his right wing. The hook appears as a marking in his body.

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2. The movie Pocahontas shows the Britishers as the enemies invading the lands of Native-Americans. The British carry the banner of the Union Jack. In the movie, the Union Jack flag is a bit different than the actual flag seen in modern times. The flag is missing some extra red stripes. But that was not a mistake. It was accurate to that time period. The red stripes were added after Ireland became a part of the United Kingdom. Ireland was not part of the UK back then.

3. The Demi-God Maui has several tattoo markings on his body. There is also a little version of him that acts as his voice of reason, his conscience if you may. It is revealed that when Maui transforms into a shark, his little version also has a shark head. That is some incredibly fine detailing.

4. Gramma Tala states in Moana that their people, who once used to be great seafaring explorers, have stopped venturing out into open waters since a thousand years. There is actually a real world event that transpires with what Tala said. Polynesian explorers were the best and brightest sailors of their time. But there was a time when they mysteriously stopped sailing for almost 1000 years. The event is known as the “Long Pause” and is a part of real Polynesian History.

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5. Love Mulan? We are talking about the animated masterpiece not the crap live-action version. Here’s a fact to make you fall n love with it even more. The song “Make A Man Out Of You” from Ulan is actually derived from the great Chinese strategist Sun Tzu’s greatest work – The Art Of War. The lyrics of the song reflect the teachings of sun Tzu. Its’ basically a playbook on battlefield tactics and strategy.

6. In Hercules, the muses are singing “I Won’t Say I’m In Love” in a particular order. At first, you may not be able to guess the pattern. But on closer inspection, you will know what we mean. When the muses are singing the song, they are placed in the same sequential order as the singing busts in Disneyland’s Haunted Mansion Ride.

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7. Orville the Albatross in The Rescuers uses his feet to catch a certain speed via running before taking off. This might seem like comic relief but there’s actual science behind this. In the real world, the Albatross bird is so large that it needs to have a running start before it can take flight.

8. The Hunchback of Notre Dame has a scene where Frollo is ready to buy information about Esmeralda. He offers silver coins as payment. He increases his offers but stops just before he is about to offer 30 pieces of Silver. 30 Pieces of Silver was the payment made to Judas to betray Jesus Christ. Since Frollo is a religious fanatic, he decided to not commit such a blasphemous act.

9. There’s a McMaster-Carr catalog in the shelves of the San-Fransokyo Institute in Big Hero 6. McMaster-Carr is a popular publication that regularly partners up with educational institutions. The catalog being there was no coincidence. It was intentional.

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10. In the movie Zootopia, Judy chases a criminal through Little Rodentia. While the chase is happening, we see an ad for a product called Thigmo-Taxis. Thigmotaxis is the phenomenon of running away or towards a touch stimulus. This phenomenon has been seen extensively in mice. Scientists are still unsure why they respond to it.

11. 12051 is the high score for Wreck-It Ralph in the movie of the same name. In reality, this was a clever Easter egg. Dec 5, 1901 is actually the birthday of Walt Disney, Founder of The Walt Disney Company.

12. When Ursula transforms herself into a butterfly in the movie The little Mermaid, she uses a specific term that might be of interest. The spell involves transforming Ursula into a woman named Vanessa. Vanessa is also the name given to a specific genus of butterflies. Now that’s just way too cool to ignore.

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13. A young toddler is seen on the death’s row, awaiting his turn to be hung in Pirates Of The Caribbean: At World’s End. This is not just movie fiction. Laws at that time allowed boys as young as seven to be sentenced to death if they showed serious signs of malice and evil. The movie was actually historically accurate.

14. In Aladdin, when the genie transforms into a waiter and takes Aladdin’s orders, he writes from left to right on his note. That’s how Ancient as well as modern Arabic is written.

15. In Frozen, the Norse Ruins, if literally translated, tell of an actual Viking folktale of how Elsa got her powers.

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