Justin Bieber was a massive teen pop icon in the late 2000s and early 2010s. He not only topped music charts with songs like Baby and Boyfriend, but also gained a dedicated fanbase of ‘Beliebers.’ His phenomenon was often referred to as ‘Bieber Fever.’

Justin Bieber
Justin Bieber in Peaches (Credits: YouTube/Justin Bieber)

The teen heartthrob soon proved he’s not just a pretty face in a 2009 interview. Faced with a challenge to his meteoric rise to fame, the 15-year-old singer displayed surprising wit and composure. Even the interviewer was left speechless by his response.

Justin Bieber Silenced Interviewer Doubting His Fame

Justin Bieber in a still from Baby
Justin Bieber in a still from Baby (Credits: YouTube/Justin Bieber)

In a resurfaced clip from a 2009 interview on X, Justin Bieber was asked by W5 documentary host Sandie Rinaldo if he thinks all the hype surrounding him is the real reason he’s so famous (especially the explosion of views on YouTube).

The singer took a mature approach when discussing his rise to fame. He explained that his success wasn’t a manufactured product of a record label, but because people genuinely liked his music. He also mentioned that coming from a small town like Stratford shows that anyone can achieve big things, giving hope to others from similar backgrounds. JB said:

I think that everything happened originally, it wasn’t something that the record label was pushing coming from Stratford Ontario, it basically gave others like hope because I come from somewhere that nothing really comes from there.

Rinaldo countered by stating Lloyd Robertson’s name, a famous Canadian news anchor who is also from Stratford. This aimed to show Bieber wasn’t the first successful person from the town. But the Prince of Pop cleverly argued that their types of fame are different, saying, “I am just saying there hasn’t been somebody to come out and be unknown worldwide.”

As the interviewer simply responded with an “okay,” he smoothly chimed in, “You agree on that point.” The Canadian pop-star showed his quick wit by playfully asking if Lloyd Robertson is known in “a little town in Germany.”

She kind of admitted the point, asking Biebs, So you’re saying you got international appeal.” Bieber sealed it with a cheeky “Yes ma’am” with confidence. 

Justin Bieber’s Another Hilarious Viral Hit

Justin Bieber
Justin Bieber in a still from Stay (Credits: YouTube/The Kid LAROI)

In 2010, Justin Bieber was interviewed by Maria Menounos for the entertainment show of Access Hollywood. During the interview, Menounos let out her signature laugh (distinct and somewhat loud). In a playful response, the Love Me singer then imitated the interviewer’s laugh in a lighthearted way.

Check it out below:

This playful imitation became somewhat of a meme or a memorable moment from the interview for years to come.

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