As the music landscape has been constantly evolving, a new era of hip-hop, pop, R&B, and dance music have been ushered into the mainstream. The massive popularity of these genres must be attributed to the queens of music who have been dominating the Billboard charts. These badass female pop singers have been at the center of attention for revolutionizing the music industry to their groovy beats.

Badass Female Pop Singers

The leading ladies of the music have not just limited themselves to the music industry. While a few have tried their luck at acting, others have been vocal social activists regarding a multitude of issues. Unfortunately, they are yet to make their presence felt in the comic-book genre as caped superheroes (or supervillains).

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Before we get to see these queens don the cape, graphic designer Cameron has turned these leading female icons into beloved comic-book characters. Here are 20 badass female pop singers imagined as popular comic-book characters.

20. Ariana Grande as Starfire

If God is a woman, then Ariana Grande is definitely Starfire!

19. Janelle Monáe as Aurora

Apart from a stellar musical career, Janelle Monáe also starred in the Academy Award-Winning movie Moonlight.

18. Rita Ora as Wonder Girl

Rita Ora is the only female solo artist to have 13 songs in the top 10 charts of the United Kingdom.

17. Nicki Minaj as Elektra

The Anaconda star is known for her philanthropy when she decided to bear the expenses of poor students for a better chance at life.

16. Katy Perry as Poison Ivy

Katy Perry is one of the most popular female pop singers all across the globe. Known for her powerful vocals, she is a recipient of numerous awards.

15. Tinashe as X-23

Tinashe is known for her experimental rhythmic pop which incorporates the elements from R&B, pop, and dark pop.

14. Janet Jackson as Rogue

The sex symbol of the ’90s, Janet Jackson is an inspiration for many female singers in the industry.

13. P!nk as Livewire

Known for her acrobatic stage performances, P!nk has won three Grammy Awards and was declared as the Pop Songs Artist of the Decade in 2009 by Billboard.

12. Miley Cyrus as Terra

The Hannah Montana star rose to meteoric fame with her celebrated musical career. Billboard honored her with the Greatest of All Time Charts in 2019.

11. Erykah Badu as Storm

The controversial singer is often accredited as the Queen of Neo Soul genre. She is well known for her eccentric on-stage performance.

10. Britney Spears as Supergirl

The Princess of Pop, Britney Spears revived the teen pop genre and the rest has been history for this popular star.

9. Beyoncé as Jean Grey

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Considered to be one of the most influential artists of all time, Beyonce is known for her powerful vocals and progressive lyrics about womanism.

8. Mariah Carey as Emma Frost

Mariah Carey is the first-ever artist in history to register five consecutive singles as number one in Billboards Hot 100 chart.

7. Jessie J as Catwoman

A recipient of numerous awards, Jessie J is known for her unconventional musical and performance style.

6. Lady Gaga as Harley Quinn

The A Star is Born actress is one of the most popular singers in the industry who is known for her powerful lyrics and unorthodox stage persona.

5. Ciara as White Tiger

The Grammy Award-winning singer is known for her seductive vocal lines and breathy Soprano voice.

4. Brandy as Misty Knight

Nicknamed as The Vocal Bible, Brandy is a Grammy Award winner known for her distinctive vocals.

3. Christina Aguilera as Power Girl

As one of the world’s best selling artists, Christina Aguilera has won five Grammy Awards and a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

2. Solange as Spectrum

The younger sister of Beyonce, Solange Knowles won the Grammy Award for Best R&B Performance for Cranes in the Sky.

1. Rihanna as Scarlet Witch

The nine-time Grammy Award-winning Rihanna has an unparalleled musical career. Recently, she made her appearance in Ocean’s 8 (2018).

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