The Grammy Award-winning rapper is best known for his music and jewelry, but he is now becoming famous for his failed relationships as well. There is no doubt that Drake has one of the best jewelry collections in the world when he wears fashionable, expensive, and custom-made jewelry. Featuring diamonds from engagement rings he considered giving women, the Canadian rapper’s latest bling collection showcases his love for women.

Drake, wearing his new diamond necklace

Earlier this week, the Hotline Bling rapper was spotted wearing a blinged-out necklace created by jeweler Alex Moss, designed to pay homage to all the women he has loved over the years. According to the jeweler Alex Moss, the necklace contains 42 engagement rings and 351.38 carats of diamonds, which could be worth $12.5 million.

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Drake’s $12.5M Diamond Necklace Made From 42 Engagement Rings

Canadian rapper Drake, 36, has consistently been ranked among the highest-paid artists in the entertainment world. Additionally, The rapper earns money from tours, special performances, and endorsements and has amassed a $260 million fortune. The jewelry designer Alex Moss posted a video of his masterpiece, which he handcrafted for the rapper, on his Instagram handle.

According to jewelry designer Alex Moss, the piece is titled ‘Previous Engagement‘ to commemorate all the times he thought about getting engaged but didn’t. Moss captioned the video,

“New piece titled “Previous Engagements” for all the times he thought about it but never did it. 42 engagement rings, 351.38 carats in diamonds.”

He added, “By Alex Moss New York & Drake.”

Drake's new diamond necklace
Rapper’s new diamond necklace by Alex Moss New York

According to the jeweler’s Instagram reel, the piece took 14 months to complete, and every diamond was handpicked. The multimillion-dollar jewelry is set in 18k white gold with round, emerald, princess, and pear-cut diamonds.

According to diamond expert Zack Stone of UK jeweler Steven Stone, the rapper’s icy chain is worth $12.5 million.

Zack stone told Page Six,

“Drake’s ‘Previous Engagements’ necklace is a magnificent piece of jewelry and probably the most impressive we’ve seen since Kendrick Lamar wore his diamond crown of thorns headpiece during his Glastonbury headline set back in June.”

The expert added,

“Difficult to estimate a striking piece like this, particularly without information about the quality, but it looks to be worth approximately $12.5 million.”

There may not have been long-term relationships between the rapper and A-list celebrities such as Rashida Jones, Tyra Banks, SZA, Julia Fox, or Rihanna, but diamonds last forever.

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Fans’ Reactions to Drake’s Magnificent Handcrafted Necklace

The story behind the jewelry piece was hilarious, even though many marveled at it. After the rapper created a necklace based on his failed relationships, fans relentlessly teased him.

Hotline Bling rapper

A verified Twitter handle named Daily Loud posts for hip hop news and culture, tweeted on Dec. 13,

“Drake copped a new custom diamond necklace called “Previous Engagement” made of 42 engagement rings, representing the 42 times he thought of proposing to different women, but he decided not to‼️”

As soon as this tweet went viral, fans started reacting immediately with many hilarious comments, and many started teasing Drake over how many proposals he wanted to make. At the same time, some were unwilling to accept that the rapper never wanted to marry. Take a look at what fans are saying:

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The rapper makes lavish purchases to suit his style, such as expensive clothes and supercars worth millions. There is no end to the jewelry collection of the rapper, which includes rare diamond necklaces and diamond-encrusted watches.

Source: Page Six & Twitter

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