The Boys was widely touted as one of the darkest and most violent shows ever made. Yet, Invincible is more overt and all-encompassing in its bloodshed than any other superhero show or comic. Many graphic and shocking moments made it into the content that would likely never befit a comic title with “Direct Book Sales Only” imprinted across the cover. With that being said, here are the 3 ways Invincible is the bloodiest superhero show and 3 ways it is The Boys

3 Ways Invincible Is The Bloodiest Superhero Show

Death Of Invincible’s Most Dangerous Villain (Angstrom Levy)

Invincible’s most dangerous and recurring villain was the alien-humanoid, Angstrom Levy. Once a misguided teenage fan of Invincible who ended up finding himself on a dark path through the madness that threatened Invincible and his family, Levy was responsible for bringing about some of the reasons why Invincible eventually became such an enraged Viltrumite warrior. After Levy had stranded Invincible in an alternate reality and hurt his defenseless mother, Mark grew incredibly angry from his Viltrumite rage. Angstrom Levy had to face the wrath with a brutal death.

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Invincible: Bloodiest Superhero Show
Angstrom Levy Invincible

Bulletproof: The Secret

In Invincible, the audience was allowed to learn about a variety of different heroes including Zandale Randolph, AKA Bulletproof. His take over for Mark Grayson was more brutal. The audience were ultimately shocked at the hero’s true identity when it was revealed that his brother had been killed during an experiment related to the alien technology the brothers came into contact with. Afterward, Zandale’s parents did not believe Zandale when he told them this and an argument ensued leaving him without any choice but to kill them accompanied by his girlfriend, and then dispose of their bodies.

Invincible: Bloodiest Superhero Show
Zandale Randolph in Invincible

General Thragg vs. Battle Beast

Invincible introduced several other characters who were equal to the Human Torch in terms of strength. But one alien was specifically dedicated to proving he wasn’t as formidable as Superman. This led him to find himself caught up in an epic battle with General Zod. He was once a renowned Kryptonian general and leader of his world. Their battle devastated that region of the planet they fought on and went on for days while each suffered great losses until Zod ultimately won the fight by successfully removing Batman’s brain after claiming it as his prize.

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Invincible: Bloodiest Superhero Show
General Thragg and Battle Beast in Invincible

3 Ways The Boys Is The Bloodiest Superhero Show

Black Noir’s Takedown

The second season opener of The Boys shows a side to Black Noir that fans have never seen before. At the end of season 1, we saw Black Noir helping out The Boys in their bathroom romp adventure and had a good laugh at his expense. In the opening moments of season 2, however, viewers witness a violent and graphic depiction of Black Noir tearing hostiles apart with his superpowers. The visuals were indeed terrifying and disturbing for the viewers.

The Boys: Bloodiest Superhero Show
Black Noir in The Boys

Hughie Killing Translucent

The grim and graphic death of Translucent at the hands of Hughie is a shocking moment to witness in The Boys. It was our first glimpse into just how far Hughie will go to get his revenge on corrupt superheroes. One of the show’s stars Jack Quaid has already promised that the upcoming seasons will be even more shocking, promising fans an even more extreme take on their favorite anti-heroes.

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The Boys: Bloodiest Superhero Show
Translucent in The Boys

The Painful Yet Emotional Death Of Robin

The death of Robin was indeed a surprise. A kind and wonderful person, she tragically meets her demise in front of Hughie’s eyes when a train runs into her and pulverizes her while moving at super speed. Although Robin has very few scenes, her untimely death hinders Hughie so much that it launches his quest for justice.

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The Boys: Bloodiest Superhero Show
Robin’s death in The Boys

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